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Review Rotator 1.3.4

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Display random reviews to your visitors. Advanced configuration options.


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Review Rotator Magento Extension

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When product Review Rotator’s “Consider category” option is enabled, the software shows reviews from the current category only. These types of targeted reviews can help a customer decide which product to purchase or entice them to buy additional merchandise.

Any number of Review Rotator blocks can be put into place on your store site using the standard Magento CMS.

Some of product Review Rotator’s incredible benefits and customizable options include:

  • Instant installation and integration
  • Unlimited number of extension instances within a Magento installation
  • Review restriction to limit reviews shown to those from current category and/or subcategories
  • Configurable number of reviews
  • Minimum review rating setting (Allows only those with a minimum rating to be put into rotation)
  • Display of last “x”-number of reviews added
  • Rotation of reviews to avoid displaying results twice in a row
  • Flawless integration into any store design or layout
  • NEW! Display of only specified reviews
  • NEW! Display of reviews only from specified products

Customer Reviews

Great Enhancement for the user

Review by Waqar | Jan 24, 2014

Review Rotator
I love the concept to show reviews for products in rotation style especially for the repeat customers because untill and unless some new customer wont leave a review that review part looks static so the concept is great.

A fresh review every time

Review by Techhead | Nov 12, 2013

Review Rotator
This useful tool works exactly as advertised and means that regular visitors to my site always see different reviews of my top products. The tool worked quickly from the very first time I used it, while I was also very impressed by the customer support that I received. Like all aheadWorks products I have tried, I find that the Review Rotator really helps to enhance my business and is a real pleasure to use.


Review by joseph oese | Jun 13, 2013

Review Rotator
very good

Works a treat

Review by David | Apr 19, 2013

Review Rotator
We are very pleased with this extension. Works as described and the level of support we received was amazing.

We'd love to see a rotating/scroll of reviews, but hopefully that will come in the future. Another great job by Aheadworks!

Great Rotator, but misses sliding review switcher...

Review by Frank L | Sep 17, 2012

Review Rotator
Just bought the extension after I had bought the Advanced Review extension. Had some trouble getting it to work on the front-end but AW fixed it quickly.
Would be nicer however to have the reviews sliding in a frame instead of showing them all. Perhaps in the next release?

Frank L

Highlights Products Customers Otherwise Wouldn't See

Review by Brian | Feb 3, 2012

Review Rotator
This is a nice little extension. it let's customers get a glimpse at products they otherwise wouldn't have search for themselves. We have it display on the right side bar. We installed tracking code within the links, and people are clicking on the links. It's easy to install. We had a glitch with our system when we upgraded the extension, but AW was great and went right in and fixed it for us. Great extension. Can help boost order amounts by showing customers the other products that they might be interested in.

Not bad..

Review by Mike | Dec 5, 2011

Review Rotator
The extension is good, but lacking one MAJOR feature.. images! I dont see how a thumbnail is not a standard feature in this. However with the help of the excellent support staff, I got images included...


Review by Steve Tallent | Oct 17, 2011

Review Rotator
I really like having reviews rotating on my pages. I love the controls, of being able to select to not have the few really bad reviews show up all of the time, so that people can see the more helpful ones. The only criticism that I have of the extension is that any review that is long, cannot be read. The only link going directly to the product, which is good, but on a product with a lot of reviews, it could be hard to track down the one that caught your attention in the first place. Having a link at the bottom of the review that would go to a page that displayed the rest of the review would be ideal.

I love the review rotator on because each of the long reviews has a "Read More" link at the bottom.

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