Invite buyers to answer Product Questions via direct emails.

Product Questions 2.0

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Let your visitors ask product related questions on the product page and answer them right there.


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Product Questions Magento Extension

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The Product Question extension enables your visitors to ask questions directly on the product page. The store administrator reviews the questions and gives answers himself or allows other visitors to respond to them. Since version 2.0, this new (and unique) feature allows you to quickly drive the content of your Magento store and grow powerful community. The question and answer appear together on the same page. If a customer asks a question relevant to multiple items, you can easily share it on other product pages or websites.

When visitors come to your store, they can view all existing Q&As (questions and answers) about products they are interested in. With the help of the Magento Product Questions module, you can define who – admin, registered customers, guests – are allowed to answer questions from other clients. All client’s questions and answers will be displayed in a separate tab in My Account area.

The module uses email notifications to inform the administrator and buyer about new question or answer and its status update. You can also send emails to clients suggesting to answer the question about the product they have already bought. After a customer follows the link in the email, he/she will be automatically logged into your website and redirected to the page where the question is asked. Due to the integration with the Points & Rewards extension, you can reward your client’s with points for answering questions.

Ask a question

“Ask a Question” button on all product pages
The module adds “Ask a Question” button below item description on all product pages. After clicking the button, the product questions form appears where a visitor can submit his question.

Disable "Ask a question" form for guests
Don’t want guests to ask questions about your products? Disable this option from admin panel and suggest unregistered customers to sign up.

Show all product questions on the page
The module displays all questions that have been asked about the product. The most helpful questions are shown first.

Privacy option
A customer can choose the type of his question: public or private. Private questions will be answered via email only and won’t be displayed in the frontend.

Edit the question before approving
After a question is submitted, the administrator can change author’s info, question body, store display, etc.

Answer visitors’ questions

Specify the answerer
The Product Questions Magento extension allows you to add answers from:

  • administrator
  • customer
  • guest
If you want to publish an answer as a customer, you can choose one of the existing users in your store base.

Let customers answer questions on the product page
Configure who can write answers on product pages:

  • only registered customers
  • only registered customers who bought the product
  • both guests and registered customers

Invite buyers to answer a question via direct emails
Invite buyers to answer a question about the product they have already got by sending direct product questions emails. You can configure which customers will be notified about the question according to the date of the purchase.

Visitors’ answers auto-approval
The Magento Question extension allows you to approve customer-submitted answers automatically.

Limit the number of answers on the product page
You can show last X answers per each question. Answers with the highest helpfulness rate are displayed first. To unfold other answers, customers can click the Next Answers link.

Add several answers per one question
The module allows you to add an unlimited number of answers to one question.

Manage product questions and answers with ease

Helpfulness rate
Both administrator and visitors can rate the helpfulness of questions and answers. The most helpful ones will be displayed first on the product page. Moreover, you can restrict guests to rating and allow only registered clients to vote.

Parse URLs into links
The extension allows you to display URLs as links in questions and answers.

Product Questions tab in My Account
The module adds a special tab into customer’s account area, where a user can observe whether the question is approved and answered, check the status of the replies, and see the link to the products he/she has discussed.

See all questions in the backend
A new question is automatically added to the Pending Questions page in the backend where the administrator can moderate it. The module saves all questions with answers and you can view them on the All Questions page.

Assign product question to several products
If a question asked about one product can be applied to other products or relevant to different websites, you can make this question visible on:

  • specific product pages
  • pages of required attribute set
  • specific websites
  • all product pages
The answers to this question will be shared on all the above listed resources as well.

Send email notifications

Fully customizable email templates
With the help of the module, both you and your visitors can be notified about any changes connected with product questions and answers by email. All the email templates are easily configured in the backend according to your needs.

Subscribe users to email notifications automatically
If the option is enabled, both registered visitors and guests will be subscribed to product questions notifications automatically. They can be informed by email about:

  • question update
  • answer update
  • answer suggestion

Specify the name and email address of the sender
Configure the email address of the admin that will be notified about all product question updates. Set up the name of the sender to be displayed in the “From” filed in emails sent to customers.

Send email notification to admin regarding:

  • new question
  • new answer

Send email notification to clients regarding:

  • new reply on a question
  • question status update
  • answer status update
  • new question on the bought item

Auto-responding notifications to customers
Provide instant information to your clients or let them know that you will get back to them in the nearest future. The module allows you to send auto-responding notifications to users in response to:

  • new question
  • new answer

Unsubscribe functionality
Customers can change their subscription status in My Account or after clicking the Unsubscribe link in the notification email.

Remove emails Web copies
The module stores web copies of all the notifications sent to recipients and allows viewing emails in browsers if HTML version isn’t visible for them. The option gives you a possibility to delete web copies automatically within specified time interval.

Customer Reviews

Very powerful

Review by Denis | Apr 14, 2014

Product Questions
The latest version is amazing. We have just downloaded the update for free (thanks to the active support period). Customers can ask and answer questions, we can share relevant questions. The module is №1 on the market now!


Review by Koray | Apr 10, 2014

Product Questions
v2 has great features but it'd be better if you add share question by product attribute (not feature set)

Good, but the latest update is even better

Review by Peter | Apr 9, 2014

Product Questions
I liked the original as it did its job and let people ask questions. However, the latest update lets users answers questions which is amazing. We also did customization to fit it in a tab in the product page. Overall I would recommend this extension.

Happy with this extension

Review by Eric | Mar 24, 2014

Product Questions
This was complete fit my magento store. I am happy with their support and this extension. This extension saves a lot time for store.

happy with this module

Review by Kirsty | Feb 3, 2014

Product Questions
We have plenty of items on sale and for us to view product close up and interact with experts in the click of a button to ask product questions is of utter importance. Product questions focuses on things that would improve our client’s experience. Just happy with this module.

Great thing!

Review by Donald M. | Jan 30, 2014

Product Questions
I'm absolutely happy with this ext. Makes it really easy to mange product-related questions.
What I like the most is the ability to segregate public / private Q&A. Some customers ask really peculiar things, and posting public answers would be just a waste.

Quick install and great documentation

Review by Guillaume | Dec 3, 2013

Product Questions
The installation was very easy and nearly independant from my custom theme, that's a very good point. Also, support and documentation are perfect. Great extension with a smart integration in the system.

I am exceedingly impressed!

Review by Austin | Nov 14, 2013

Product Questions
I am exceedingly impressed by this extension. It’s very useful to place questions of customers and answers right on product pages. This feature helps promoting items and customers feel additional care.

Usefull and coded very well

Review by Jörn Goralczyk | Aug 30, 2013

Product Questions
Very nice extension. This is our first Magento shop an so we have little experience adjusting the shop and the extensions to our needs. Still we could adapt this extension very easily to our likes (for example put just the answers in an tab view provided by another extension).
Our shop isn't live yet, but our testers really liked the simplicity of asking product related questions, which are the majority of all feedback questions by far.

Great Extension from a Great Developer

Review by Ante Logarusic | Jul 18, 2013

Product Questions
I've used aheadWorks a few times and am pleased to recommend them. The extensions work as described and their support is stellar. The price of having them install the plugin is worth it. You won't be disappointed with them.

Worked straight out the box and great support

Review by Andrew | Sep 1, 2012

Product Questions
Worked straight out the box though I needed a little help getting it installed correctly due to having to change some files that I couldn't find - basically due to my skin. They sorted it quickly without complaint - you really can't fault their customer service. They also helped with some questions about styling I had too.

The extension works well too, the only thing I'd like to see if some option to "hide" the actual form/questions/answers but have a button/heading that when clicked on expands the module on the product page. 8/10 for extension, 10/10 for support

Reduce customer service phone calls

Review by Wallace | Jul 14, 2012

Product Questions
Installation was a breeze. The ability to manage question/answers from within the Magento Admin is a huge timesaver. The number of phone calls and emails that our customer service department receives (asking the same questions over and over again) has been nearly cut in half. Recouped the cost of this addon in just a few days.

Great extension and fast reply

Review by Susan | Apr 9, 2012

Product Questions
great product and fast reply, enhance customer experience, increase trade.

Amazing Extension

Review by javier | Mar 26, 2012

Product Questions
This is really helping extension and works like a charm. It only lacks on the insertion of Anchor (<a href=""></a>) labels. They do not work, only the direct link ( I hope you can fix it on next update as it's must due our SEO needs.

Very uself on product page

Review by Ruixiang | Mar 18, 2012

Product Questions
Greatly improve the interaction of buyers and merchants.


Review by ANDREI | Feb 27, 2012

Product Questions
Easy for SEO and adding to the FAQ database per product.

Handy Extension

Review by Brian | Feb 3, 2012

Product Questions
This extension rocks! Makes it so much easier for a customer to ask a question about a product. And I'm guessing, it makes it more likely they will ask a question then just leaving the store because they couldn't find their answer.

Plus, there are so many basic questions that we get over and over again. So for these, we simply enter the questions here and then answer them. Makes it so much easier on our customer service team.

One thing that would be nice would for for this extension to be fully integrated into the Product page. Right now, it can show 5 or 10 questions on the product page, but if there are 25 product questions, there aren't Next buttons on the product page to show the rest of the questions. (On the actual product questions page there are these next buttons. It would be nice to have these toolbar on the Product page as well if possible).

Overall great extension. Very worth the money.

Let you customer help you with your site content

Review by Steve | Jan 6, 2012

Product Questions
I've just gotten this up on my site recently and my customers are just starting to find it and use it. It is really nice because customer tend to ask the same questions over and over. This way, they can go to ask the question right there on the product and find that it has already been answered for them. Plus new questions create tickets in Help Desk Ultimate, so that is nice too.

Works great

Review by CJ | Sep 1, 2011

Product Questions
Bought this together with Help Desk Ultimate. Integration was great, but may cause confusion because you have two places to reply to customer inquiries. So we turned of Help Desk integration and answer question directly using the module. Private and Public feature are great. It's been more than six months now and it works great.

Cool Gadgets at Great Prices

Used regularly on my site

Review by Robert Watts | Aug 19, 2011

Product Questions
Great extension - it is used by customer regularly and forms a growing product info questions to refine our abstracts.

Intelligent, userfriendly extension

Review by Michaela | Aug 16, 2011

Product Questions
The idea behind this extension is full customer support. What we like most about this ist that users can see other users' questions, so we don't have to answer the same questions over and over again. What we also find good is that people don't have to scroll down the whole page to find that "Ask a question" Link. It is easy to find but yet discreet. We love it!

product FAQ on the go

Review by Sara | Aug 4, 2011

Product Questions
as more customers ask questions, you start to build a product FAQ and it greatly speed up end user decision to finally make a purchase. this extension should have been bought long time back. we only bought it yesterday. i have not integrated it yet, but i am sure it will be no problem as Aheadworks is one of the best extension company who are reliable for support. i buy extensions at times from magento connect from other extension sellers only to see the guy to be not in business anymore. which is really frustrating.

Support is so much easier

Review by Jason | Jun 1, 2011

Product Questions
Before we where asked about products without being given any specs like SKUs and the back and forth cost us sales with this, questions usually get resolved on the first response. I definitely recommend this.

Great extension and support..

Review by Scotto | May 31, 2011

Product Questions
I'm really happy with this extension. My site now feels like my ebay store where all my products now have questions and answers..

I had a few issues getting this to work at first.. Then the ahead works support got it working in no time and even set it up for me in it's own tab on my product page.. Great support goes along way..

Better than the Rest

Review by Office Slide | May 26, 2011

Product Questions
This is the best Product Questions extension out there. I know because I tried the others.

The best part about this extension is that the great support team helped me to integrate the product questions into my product tabs.

Product Questions is a great way to gather user-contributed content alongside user reviews.


Review by Craig | Jan 14, 2011

Product Questions
This extension is just awesome! Installed very easy and customers began using it immediately! This is great for user-generated content for your site!

Great extensions to improve your business

Review by Q | Dec 10, 2010

Product Questions
I use this extension for couples of week. It is amazing experiences to have it. I highly recommend it to every magento shop. you must love it!

Necessary Extension

Review by Boba | Jun 22, 2010

Product Questions
If your store is already making sales, then just get this extension.

Before we installed this extension, we received many similar questions from different customers, as well as questions where we were not certain which product the customer was referring to. This wastes time. So we purchased this extension.

Within 24 hours of installing this extension, our customers started submitting product questions. We tested the reply template a few times to get it right, then started answering questions. A tip - our reply email to the customer does not actually display the answer to the customer's question. Instead, it gives them a link back to the product page, and they can see their answer on the Product Question section. The goal is to bring them back to the page and give them the opportunity to press the "Add to Cart" button. Before long, some of our products had 10 to 20 questions from customers.

Questions generated by actual customers and your answers to those questions can help your image as a seller. Customers need to see interaction between the seller and other buyers, as well a preview of the quality of service you will provide if they have a question after a sale.

This extension has paid for itself, in both increased sales as well as time saved from answering the same questions repeatedly. I recommend this extension very highly!

It is really must have

Review by | Jun 1, 2010

Product Questions
Professional and stable extension, it really helps, recommended, professional install service!

Terrific Extension to interact with your Customers

Review by Joseph | Mar 23, 2010

Product Questions
Works great with 1.4. We had customers asking questions via the contact us form or via email. Many times the questions were the same. Now we can answer questions from our prospective customers and publish our own questions and answers too. Thanks Aheadworks. Great customer support as well.

Perfect way to capitalize your customer's questions

Review by Isaac | Nov 13, 2009

Product Questions
Many of my customers ask the same questions over and over again, and I found this to be a very cost-effective way of automating this tedious task. Now, I can just tell people to go check out the product question page, and all their questions are answered. And BTW, the support was fast and comprehensive. They just took my FTP information, and the next morning, it was fixed. Thank you for the great product.

Great Knowledge Base Builder

Review by 3rdRock | Feb 17, 2009

Product Questions
Our company is asked the same questions about products on a regular basis. Rather than lumping the answers into a big blob of text at the bottom of the product detail page, we now have this module that allows us to answer the question once for everyone to see. Big time saver!

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