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Our Magento themes and templates are professionally designed, easy to install, and fully customizable. We've split them by product type for easier navigation. However, some Magento themes are universal, so please browse several categories.


Why Us? Only aheadWorks’ Magento themes are developed in line with Magento programming practices.
This means we guarantee their complete compatibility with all platform components and smooth upgrade to its newer versions, as well as flawless work with our own modules. As an expert provider of Magento extensions and custom services, we offer no-surprise Magento templates that do not entail any additional costs.


Please, view Magento templates demo before purchasing or contact us for advice.

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iPhone Theme magento template

iPhone Theme

Revolutionary hybrid of a superior theme and a full-value Magento extension. Enriched with AJAX cart and integrated advanced navigation. Easy to customize!

Karizma magento template


Karizma is a multipurpose responsive theme with all the design and usability features a modern webstore may need.

Duke magento template


This ultra-modern Duke theme with a 100% responsive design will make any online store look stylish and sleek.

Access magento template


Access responsive theme is all about usability and style. Whatever kind of goods you sell, this theme will give your store immediate pro look and feel.

Deluxe magento template


The Deluxe theme is an ideal solution for those who are seeking for convenience, rich content, and simplicity at the same time.

Maestro magento template


This cute responsive theme meets the best industry standards in design and technical aspects.

Glamour magento template


Distance your business rivals with the help of this attractive, smooth, and easy-to-customize Glamour theme for Magento.

Pulsar magento template


This stylish theme with flexible backend settings will make your store look modern, unique, and outstanding.

Vespa magento template


A theme of choice if you want your store to compete with the market leaders in style and usability.

Electra magento template


A pro-looking responsive theme that works on any device.

Activa magento template


The responsive Activa theme is suitable for any kind of Magento store on any devices.

Avon magento template


A stylish and appealing responsive theme for a top-notch beauty care shop.

Laza magento template


This fully customizable Laza theme makes any online store look modern, fresh, and stylish.

Akoha magento template


This fully customizable responsive theme is applicable to any Magento store and works seamlessly on all devices.

Sylvan magento template


A stylish and discreet Magento responsive theme with flexible and simple customization options.

Mode magento template


Premium Magento theme designed by Meigee for any kind of store selling clothes or accessories.

Media Store magento template

Media Store

This light and modern Magento template is really great for media stores.

Flower Shop magento template

Flower Shop

The professional design of this Magento theme allows your site visitors to quickly associate it with beautiful plants, flowers, and their environments.

Green Shop  magento template

Green Shop

This bright Magento theme with delicate color accents looks inviting and friendly.

Merry Store magento template free

Merry Store

This Magento template is designed especially for stores selling Christmas gifts.

Sportswear magento template


This ultra-modern Magento theme is ideal for online stores selling sports goods and sportswear.

Guise magento template


This charming, feminine, and tender Magento theme is perfect for selling women’s clothing and accessories.

Interior Design magento template free

Interior Design

Great for stores selling interior design products, furniture, and home appliances.

Classic Jewelry magento template

Classic Jewelry

This Magento template charms with its pure white color scheme and the absence of diversion.

Antiqua magento template


Make your handmade or antique jewelry store truly exclusive and prominent.

Tecknica magento template


This sleek and modern Magento theme is designed especially for high-tech stores.

Modern Furniture magento template free

Modern Furniture

This Magento template makes your furniture store look swanky, stylish, and outstanding.

Orange Furniture magento template

Orange Furniture

The combination of sharpness, brightness, and color saturation is implemented in this Magento furniture template.

Photography magento template


Universal photo template applicable for multiple business fields.

Gadget Store magento template

Gadget Store

Ideal gadget theme for selling different high-tech frills, software, and media.

Environs magento template


The minimalist design doesn’t prevent this Magento template look modern, clean and simple.

Fancy Shoes magento template

Fancy Shoes

Shoes Magento template design is aimed at stores selling elegant, exclusive, and top-fashionable shoes.

Comfy Shoes magento template

Comfy Shoes

Shoes Magento theme is colorful, bright, fun, and friendly. It is designed specifically for a shoe store.

Fashionista magento template


The soft and subtle color scheme makes it perfect for women’s fashion.

Electronics Store magento template

Electronics Store

Electronics Magento template appearance attracts attention and ensures comfort and easiness of handling. It ideally suits hardware and software stores.

Clothing Store magento template

Clothing Store

The usage of sumptuous color scheme makes Clothing Magento template stylish, classy, and luxurious.

Furniture Store magento template

Furniture Store

The welcoming design of this Magento theme creates the atmosphere of fireside comfort and homeliness. It will be perfect for selling furniture and books.

Maritime magento template


Maritime Magento template is perfect for those who are looking for simplicity. The neutral design and absence of frills allows using it in various business fields.

Designer Handbags magento template

Designer Handbags

The simplicity of this Magento theme design wins over making it good for online boutiques selling stylish clothing & accessories.

The Outlet magento template free

The Outlet

This fun and bright Magento template makes your store look friendly and inviting.

Universal Shop  magento template

Universal Shop

The professional design of the theme makes it really versatile and suitable for selling a wide range of goods from home appliances to office supplies.

Shopaholic magento template


The best choice for stores selling preteen and teenagers’ clothes and accessories.

Wine Shop magento template

Wine Shop

The deep red color scheme of this theme makes your site look luxurious, elegant, and magnificent. It will be especially good for wine stores or websites selling food.

Menswear magento template


The dark color scheme of this visually stunning Magento template fills your site with the atmosphere of spunk and power.

Promo Products magento template

Promo Products

Designed especially for those store owners who are selling a single product to a specific audience or target niche.

Watch Store magento template

Watch Store

This dainty and modern watch Magento theme is made to look really outstanding and marvelous.

Cell World magento template

Cell World

The calm background with bright contrast accent colors makes this Magento theme equally appealing for selling cell phones, computer software, or any other technology and appliances.

Cellular Store magento template

Cellular Store

This Magento template has clean and sophisticated design perfect for electronic, gadgets, or any other items with an ultra-modern edge.

Athletics magento template


This is a crisp and modern Magento template with a home page carrousel to showcase any products.

High Tech magento template

High Tech

Modern and easy-to-customize Magento template is perfect for selling sporting equipment and high-tech products.

Teen Sports magento template free

Teen Sports

This bright and saturated Magento template is targeted at sport enthusiasts.

Home Appliances magento template free

Home Appliances

This free Magento theme makes your store look modern, elegant and sophisticated.

Home Supplies magento template

Home Supplies

Ideal for selling any home supplies – from electronics and appliances to furniture and home décor things.

Pet Store magento template

Pet Store

This bright, fun, and colorful Magento template can boost spirits of every site visitor.

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