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Manage static blocks from admin panel. Choose from 10 predefined positions to place content on any page. WYSIWYG editor, rotation, and scheduling options are available.
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Magento Z-Blocks Extension
60 Reviews 5 / 5
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Seeking for a powerful solution to manage, display, and target promotional banners in a couple of clicks? The Z-Blocks functionality covers these needs and allows you to insert content blocks with any applicable information at an appropriate place and time.

With the Magento blocks extension, you can create an unlimited number of Magento custom blocks without any changes in template or layout files. To enhance the relevance of the content displayed to visitors, each Magento static block can be scheduled and displayed automatically basing on the variety of filters - date & time, customer group, product/category page, store view, and many other conditions.

You can strongly empower the usability of the extension with the Market Segmentation Suite integration. Firstly, you can precisely segment your customers based on a number of criteria such as buying behavior, interests, etc.; secondly, apply a filter to show z-blocks content to highly targeted audience - your predefined customer segment.

Integration with One Step Checkout allows you to apply z-blocks to the one step checkout page. Give product/purchase recommendation, add “motivation” campaigns, encourage customers for further purchases with relevant z-blocks content right at the moment of buying.

Main Features:

  • Create an unlimited number of content blocks
    Add as many content blocks as you wish and populate each block with independent content items. You can add any HTML, images, widgets, flash, video, plain text, table to each block item.
  • Place blocks in any position on the website
    Choose any block position of 10 predefined for each page or create a custom position that you need via inserting the block widget.
  • Configure the display mode of content items
    Choose the way how content items of each block will be displayed in your store:
    • show all (items are displayed altogether)
    • rotate one-by-one (items are shown one-by-one starting with the first one)
    • show random (items are rotated randomly)
    • show in a slider (items are displayed within a specified interval)(NEW!)
  • Schedule z-block appearing
    Make the precised schedule for your content blocks with an opportunity to choose dates by different criteria (odd days, on Tuesdays, on the 25th of each month, etc.) and define custom intervals - from, to or between specific dates. Combine these options for even more flexibility.
  • Display z-blocks for different customer groups
    Decide which blocks or content items should be shown for chosen customer groups.
  • Enable z-blocks according to visitor traffic source(NEW!)
    Display a block only to visitors that were redirected to the page from a specific URL. For example, you can enhance customer loyalty via showing a block with a special coupon code to all clients that came from specific social networks.
  • Set up flexible conditions for block appearing
    Set up variety of product conditions to place each block on certain product pages. When conditions meet, the block is added to the specified place.

Flexible settings to ease blocks creation:

  • WYSIWYG editor
    Create rich HTML content without extra efforts and extensive knowledge.
  • Per-store and Per-category views
    Use Z-Blocks extension to control where a block will appear. Make blocks appear for custom categories or only on product pages. Set different stores and languages per each blocks or content item to show z-block to proper audience.
  • Customizable block and item sorting
    Determine the order of items to be displayed within the block to visitors by the "sort order" attribute.
  • Manage Content Items as a mass action(NEW!)
    Change status and delete block items as a mass action in a bulk directly from the Content Manager grid.
  • Duplicated blocks(NEW!)
    Save your time on creating blocks with almost identical options. Just copy a block and change required options instead of adding each block separately from the very beginning.
  • And much more... check our User manual

Use Cases:

The following Magento Z-Blocks features are demonstrated in the Use Cases:

What’s new in version 2.5.0:

  • Rotate the Z-Blocks content using AJAX
  • Target blocks to certain referral visitors
  • Specify display settings for content items
  • Create duplicated blocks on the fly
  • Delete or edit content items as a mass action

Integration with other aW extensions

Using the Z-Blocks extension together with the below aW products opens extra possibilities.

Market Segmentation Suite

Market Segmentation Suite

Show z-blocks content to highly targeted audience basing on custom segmentation rules.

One Step Checkout

One Step Checkout

Apply z-blocks to the one step checkout page.

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Great extension

Review by Roberto | Feb 14, 2015

This extension is great and works very well on my theme. Is very simple to configure and now I have custom block everywhere in my store.
Thank you AW Team

Handy and easy to use

Review by Neil | Aug 19, 2014

Z-Blocks is great for putting up promotions in the store, particularly with the rotation capability. A must have extension.

Useful for quick messages

Review by Josie | May 8, 2014

Very easy to use and a great help for us to show opening hours/holiday times.
Makes the website look as if it is constantly fresh.

Really flexible extension

Review by Aidan | Apr 12, 2014

It is an absolutely flexible solution for promotional and any other tasks. Perfectly fits to our theme. Configuration is easy, able to fulfill almost any our wish and takes much time only when you configure it for the first time. Recommended for everyone.

Sooo much better!

Review by Josh F. Reeze | Apr 8, 2014

I bought this to save time on endless routine tasks - you know, move this block there, add a banner here; what I ended up with exceeded my expectations by great margin.
Block scheduling is just one killer feature - I now only spend one day a month to set up the banners, as opposed to several hours a day I used to waste on switching things on and off.
A+ solution for anyone!

Static Blocks on Steriods

Review by HBaron | Mar 1, 2014

This extension just gives you so much more then stock Magento. You can literally place blocks anywhere on your pages for any reason and any time period. Honestly there is no weakness in this product and it is so helpful to anyone's website. Props AW's!

Now we show banners to the right audience at the right time

Review by Mary | Feb 5, 2014

What I like in this module most is the ability to schedule blocks displaying. Recently we’ve spent some time on managing blocks & its displaying and now all the required info appears automatically. No more manual layout files editing. It’s really a time saver! Thank you very much. Recommend to everyone

Saves TONS of time

Review by Chuck N. Reese | Feb 3, 2014

This module makes managing promo banners unbelievably easy. You should just make sure that everything works under your custom theme (we ourselves had a minor issue with pre-defined position, it was quickly solved by Aw support); since then, you can get that banner exactly where you want it in just couple of clicks! Scheduling banners is another powerful feature we employ heavily.
Bottom line: a VERY useful extension, worth every penny

Good extension

Review by Calum | Jan 3, 2014

The Z Blocks extension works well and was easilyinstalled onto our Magento store even though it had a heavily designed custom theme. We had one issue with the placement of the block on our left column which support quickly rectified for us.

Recommended if you need to place items such as banners, adverts in certain places easily on your site.

Website Manager

Review by Casey | Nov 13, 2013

We used this for our Magento site and it was very easy to install and very easy to use! Very pleased here! :)

Great to create custom placements

Review by Attila | Sep 17, 2013

What I like most about this module is the ability to create custom placements to be used from the CMS. It makes the store much more customizable.


Review by James Keightley | Aug 23, 2013

Excellent extension, easy to install and configure. Works brilliantly

Flexability and ease of use.

Review by Anthony | Aug 8, 2013

If it's any indication of customer satisfaction, we have just renewed our support for Z-blocks because we want to try the newest features of this module on our newest website.

Use this and market segmentation!

Review by chris | Jul 18, 2013

Seems to work pretty well. Can wait to really start digging into the market segmentation with this combined with the market segmentation suite.

REALLY useful

Review by Johan | Jul 13, 2013

This extension helps so much with content management. It's a must have for every store.

Easy to change contents

Review by francesco | Mar 18, 2013

I can send messages by block to my customer in each position, many conditions and choose time for it. The operetion is very easy and fast and make this estension really usefull!

Simple and Easy

Review by Mark | Mar 17, 2013

This extension is very easy to use, and for a person like me, that says a lot. Perfect product out of the box.

Easy going

Review by Bo Tranberg | Mar 11, 2013

Really easy to use - and good if you need to make your customers aware of something special - like a x-mas offer or vacation notice.

Utile ?

Review by Thierry | Feb 7, 2013

Module en fait moins utile qu'il n'y parait.
On en reviens vite aux bonnes vieilles méthodes.
Mais pour débuter dans Magento, il peut aider.

Easy and powerfull

Review by CG | Dec 19, 2012

Very nice extension now it is pretty easy to create different blocks.
The only thing im missing is a option window to choose specific cms pages. However there is a manual which explains how to add the blocks to a specific cms page. I guess there is just a technical limitation from magento's side

Now we are talking!

Review by Elvis | Nov 9, 2012

Finally powerful extension for marketing!!! At first I was not so amazed with MSS as alone ext. But as I started to investigate the Z-Block I realize that every thing I can imagine in 5 minutes I can do on the site with it.

Now we are talking something!

Z-Block alone is also quite powerfull. No need for MSS additionally. But with it - it's a marketing bomb! Great job...


Review by Sean | Oct 19, 2012

Hi. Absolutely love the extension. Does anybody know how to put a block ONLY on the homepage? Thanks!

A must have for every magento shop

Review by Stefan | Oct 8, 2012

I love this extension. Endless possibilities to show your banners and ads or messages on the website.

good cms enhancment

Review by Tomasz | Sep 21, 2012

Z-Block is very good cms enhancement. You could place the block with advert anywhere, You could show everything in everywhere. Set conditions etc. Really good tool.

Facilitated my life

Review by Alexei | Jul 28, 2012

This extension really saved a lot of work. Excellent.

Simplifies a lot of task

Review by Essam | Jun 28, 2012

If you are not an expert Magento developer you SHOULD buy this extension!! It will safe enormous amounts of time/money.

Excellent and now supports widgets

Review by Neil | May 11, 2012

I was very happy with the previous version of Z-Blocks, but now it supports widgets it is even more useful.

Must have extension!

Review by Michi | Mar 10, 2012

Must have extension!
This is one of the best extensions I got as it brings so much flexibility to magento. The best of all, easy install and the support is great!


Review by IGGY | Mar 1, 2012

I've used this module for some time now, It simply does the job and does it well.

THE must have extension for Magento

Review by Thomas | Feb 20, 2012

I have used the Z-blocks extension on all the Magento projects I have been a part of. With Z-blocks we've been saving hours of programming so it's worth every penny!

Customisation facilitée

Review by Thierry | Feb 6, 2012

Nous l'avons un peu utilisé au début mais plus maintenant. Mais ce module peut faciliter la customisation d'un site sans avoir à trop rentrer dans le code de Magento. C'est utile pour bien démarrer avec Magento et mieux comprendre sa structure.


Review by Tania Isabel | Jan 9, 2012

It works great. With this extension is very easy to place promo ads and images in my store. Easy to install, easy to configure... Simply perfect.

Z-Blocks is awesome!

Review by Steve | Jan 7, 2012

What I love most about z-blocks is the complete power that I have over my page content. I can select where certain blocks show up, rotate them for a dynamic feel, and schedule them so I can do a lot of management at one time, and have stuff pop up when it is appropriate. Nice. The one thing I would like to see is the ability to put polls in Z-Blocks so that they can be schedule to come on and turn off automatically, or be rotated, or replaced, etc.

3rd Extension and it keeps on growing!

Review by Robert | Nov 9, 2011

I had a difficult time figuring out the block layout and ways to modify it but seemed too time consuming. This extension is perfect and does an amazing of keep my site unique and fresh on the fly. Well worth the price!

A sigh of relief

Review by Edward | Sep 21, 2011

Wow.. what would I do without this extension. So easy to customize and add my custom blocks wherever I want. Whether its a specific category, this extensions provides simply and easy to use instructions. So robust I add other content from other extensions to fully achieve the appearance I want :)


Review by kevin | Aug 27, 2011

Useful when I should put some banner in site


Review by Erwin | Aug 9, 2011

I bought this extension and L-O-V-E it ! A great timesaver and a must have. I have now 7 ahead extensions and this one is my favourite. One small problem in my specific (not standard) installation, fast fixed by the Ahead team. wooowww , this extensions is really awesome and rocks!

Beautiful Extension - Immense Possibilities

Review by Darron Charles | Aug 9, 2011

This extension presented me with the oppurtunity to use more real estate on my website to keep my customers and prospective customers informed while maintaining the design principles of my website.

Easy to install

Review by Tom | Jul 18, 2011

The extension is really easy to install! But not every template can use it since my template doesn't have preset static blocks. Though the help I get is really good!

Z-Blocks is the Biz...

Review by Gareth | Jun 29, 2011

I have to say, Z-Blocks is one of the most useful extensions I've ever purchased for Magento.

As with every extension from aheadWorks, it's easy to install and setup, and allows you the freedom to adjust your store by adding banners and any other content, without the need to edit any .phtml files or xml layout files.

Another excellent job!

Fantastic Extension

Review by Lance | Jun 23, 2011

We use this one our site to rotate in messages, important announcements, etc. Also used for images to promote sales of certain products.

Fast customization

Review by Jason | Jun 1, 2011

Being able to market and inform customers fast without the constant coding changes is a god send. AW really does great work XD.

This extension is invaluable!

Review by Office Slide | May 26, 2011

This is my single favorite extension that I've purchased from Aheadworks!

Z Blocks adds immense amounts of functionality to your site especially if coupled with the Market Segmentation Suite. It was easy to install and makes adding banners to sidebars especially easy.

The only feature I would request for this extension would be the ability to show blocks only on specific product pages by SKU.

Store Owner

Review by Phillip | May 25, 2011

Good Extension. Could be even better with product blocks per SKU. I don't want all my products to have the same block.


Review by Scott | May 22, 2011

Must have extension, for easy promotions and info blocks!

Helpfull extension

Review by Tibor | Mar 6, 2011

Helpfull extension, simple installation, all works perfectly, great support!

Highly recommended

Review by Zdrapek | Oct 22, 2010

Easy installation and setup, excellent support. Very useful module, now I can change the look of the store in a few minutes without digging in the files.

Simplifys Layouts and Saves Time - A Great Extension

Review by Phil | Feb 4, 2010

As a new user of Magento on a very steep learning curve, this extension has simplified my layouts and saved me time. Support from AheadWorks is great with less than 24 hour turnaround, this gives me great confidence being "down under" in Australia.

Simplifys Layouts and Saves Time - A Great Extension

Review by chevinoz | Feb 4, 2010

As a new user of Magento on a very steep learning curve, this extension has simplified my layouts and saved me time. Support from AheadWorks is great with less than 24 hour turnaround, this gives me great confidence being "down under" in Australia.

Great extension, world class service

Review by Alex | Jan 7, 2010

I love the extension, it is an must have.
The support is outstanding. Fast and helpful.
Brilliant job, gentlemen.


Review by marched | Dec 3, 2009

Outstanding product and support. Well done.

Will save mecountless hours - Great work Aheadworks!

Review by David Ocean | Oct 28, 2009

After struggling with the layout files for a couple of days, I took the decision to buy this module.

What a great decision, it is so simple to use and very powerful indeed! I was able to add several static blocks within an hour and has certainly improved the quality of my site!

There was an issue with the initial download as I was not given the most up-to-date version. However, a quick email to Aheadworks and it was fixed same day.

Great work, will be back for more...

Get it before you competitor

Review by Thomas (DK) | Oct 2, 2009

One of these got-to-have extensions that makes life with Magento so much easier. The GUI is easy to use and works flawless!

All round Number 1

Review by Christopher | Aug 15, 2009

This is my all round number one module. Being a musician and not a web designer I wanted a way to simply add adverts to my website and run them in rotation with simple links off the right pages. If i can manage to use this then anybody can. Its so easy and I am sure that they are going to make it even better.

Best of all is that their customer support is outstanding.

Thank You Aheadworks

Simply Awesome!

Review by Marvin | Aug 8, 2009

Immediate download. Installed in less than a min. Great work! I agree. 100% Recommended!

Version 2.0 is awesome!

Review by Graham | Jul 27, 2009

The original Z-Blocks was already a great extension, but the added Admin functionality in version 2.0 is amazing. This extension has fantastic flexibility and options. 100% Recommended!

Save yourself hours of custom programming.

Review by BruGuy | Jul 24, 2009

This app is a must have if you intend on adding any custom content to your site. You can easily add new content "blocks" (called items in this app), select where you want it (across the whole site, category page or product view page) and schedule when to show it.

We use it on to display much of our call-to-action boxes on the right hand column.

Highly recommended for ANY Magento install.

Best extension I ever bought

Review by WebLegal | Jul 24, 2009

This extension has saved me hours and hours of programming time and has made the magento shop easy to update and keep looking fresh. Thanks guys (and gals)

Very useful extension

Review by La Compagnia del Cavatappi | Apr 30, 2009

I use this extension to show the customers messages about discounts and others.

A must have extention for your Magento Installation

Review by Gene | Mar 26, 2009

I was happy with Z-Blocks v1.0.3 but I am thrilled with Z-Blocks v1.1. Easy to install, easy to configure, and the Ad Rotation Function works great. Out Standing Product!

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