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Who Viewed This Also Viewed 1.0.1

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Display additional products viewed by other customers while visiting the same product page.


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Who Viewed This Also Viewed Magento

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Aiming to increase cross-selling, Magento store owners have to look at a few months of access logs, find sessions where website visitors viewed more than one product, and collect statistics about pairs of products which were viewed in the same session. The Who Viewed This Also Viewed extension for Magento is the simplest way you can turn a big manual job into fast and exact automated process.

The Who Viewed This Also Viewed module from aheadWorks allows displaying a set of additional products which was also viewed by other customers while visiting the same product page. This Magento extension helps you move the cross-selling in your store to a new more efficient level and make your sales rise up.

Pinpoint accuracy in products selection

With the Who Viewed This Also Viewed extension, you can be sure that items with the highest rate of cross selling are recommended only. Products purchased occasionally are not displayed randomly. Thus offering high intelligence, our Magento module displays perfectly arranged set of related products and, as s consequence, maximizes your cross-sell rates.

Flexible configuration of the block

The Who Viewed This Also Viewed module is very easy and fast for configuration even for non-tech savvy Magento users. Just install the extension and specify several options:

  • "Show products from one category only" – define whether products will be taken from the current category only or from the whole store
  • "Number of products to display" – define how many products will be displayed in the Who Viewed This Also Viewed block
  • "Session lifetime" – define after the expiry of which period of time it is considered that the visitor has left your website

Customer Reviews

Very to install and use

Review by davie | Dec 3, 2013

Who Viewed This Also Viewed
It's a good extension for your magento site, it's very to install and use. Recommend.

Maximize cross-selling potential

Review by Kay | Nov 5, 2013

Who Viewed This Also Viewed
I recently used this module and found it to be just what I was looking for to help sell and promote my products. I particularly liked the fact that I was able to select how many products are displayed and define a customer’s session lifetime.

Good ideas but many issues

Review by Samuel | Oct 11, 2013

Who Viewed This Also Viewed
I have bought several extensions from aheadworks because i liked the ideas. However, non of the modules i have bought worked out of the box. Im sure they would have worked if i used magento std theme but who uses that ?
However, aheadworks support works ok, they will help out BUT be aware, The support time is limited to 90 days. If you happen to buy an extension and then for some reason it takes time before you start using it ( and realise that it does work ) you wil have to pay for an extened supportperiod. This happen to me twice!
Not happy at all with this kind of system.

Great Extension

Review by Scott | Jun 8, 2011

Who Viewed This Also Viewed
Got this module a week or so ago, and now have it completely customized to theme, I changed a few things in the alsoviewed.phtml to mirror the related.phtml, and now it's using our custom theme without fault. Great addition to our store.

Saves me a lot of time!

Review by Sean | Jun 4, 2011

Who Viewed This Also Viewed
I don't bother saying its quick and easy to setup because that is true for all AheadWorks scripts. What I do say though is that this script makes cross-selling products so much simpler. Took the tiniest bit of simplified modifying to get it working with my custom theme. What I do also like is that it calls template files "the Magento way" so it interprets all customizations properly... including setting up a separate style for each template we use.

Very Easy and Useful

Review by Scott | Jun 2, 2011

Who Viewed This Also Viewed
So far so good, installed quickly and easily out of the box. Requires cron to be running, so was a bit surprised that is wasn't working on dev site, but working fine on production. After support let me know cron was required, cleared that up. Requires mods to css for custom themes.

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