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Video Testimonials 1.4.1

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Lets store administrators and customers upload videos from computer or YouTube exactly on the product page.


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Video Testimonials Magento Extension

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Video Testimonials is the next, innovative step in the advertising development. People are fed up with traditional ad – it is obtrusive and annoying. Testimonial is more reliable – nothing is more reassuring than customer’s obvious endorsement of a product or service. Let your customers say good things about you and your products – it looks more persuasive than when you do it yourself.

Video Testimonials are really attention-getting and attractive – people are curious about other customers’ personal experience, and would rather click-and-watch a video than surf store pages. Let your customers tell of their experience with your products and thereby make your store content more appealing!

The Video Testimonials Magento extension keeps your site always updated. Product videos can be easily added and rated, so there’s always something new about the product. A constant fresh stream of new videos gives an aura of newness even if nothing else changes.

The more video testimonials are uploaded in your store, the more socially proved it seems to be, and the fewer factors can influence sales resistance. If come-at-first-time people see customers admiring your products, all the uncertainty just self-eliminates.

Moreover, with customer Video Testimonials for Magento you can promote your store in YouTube – all the videos uploaded in your site automatically appear on YouTube under your store account. People find your video when searching for them and visit your site giving you a free permanent flow of traffic.


  • Points & Rewards integration
    You can specify the number of points given for uploading videos and limit their number for each customer.
  • Easy and fast 2-way video uploading
    Both customers and admin can upload video from computer or YouTube exactly on the product page.
  • YouTube API usage
    All videos uploaded in your store are available on YouTube as well.
  • Flexible extension settings
    Define which customer groups are able to upload video, whether it will be shown immediately or after admin's approval, and make Video Testimonials block shown on certain product pages only.
  • Rating system
    An ability to rate customer testimonials allows displaying the most popular videos in the first turn.

Customer Reviews

Very good!

Review by Josh | Jan 30, 2014

Video Testimonials
This module does what it says, making it really easy to a customer to upload video content. Managing the vids from the backend is also very simple and straightforward.
BTW, we use it together with other AW thing, Point and rewards. It's a good incentive for our clients to share their videos.

very to install and use

Review by davie | Dec 3, 2013

Video Testimonials
It's a good extension for your magento site. Recommend.

Straightforward and simple

Review by Namahs | Nov 19, 2013

Video Testimonials
Makes adding of video on product pages really straightforward and simple, works as promised...

Very helpful for us

Review by Paul | Nov 18, 2013

Video Testimonials
Our visitors prefer watching video to reading product description. That’s why we try to add a short video to every product page. Now it is very easy. Extension configuration doesn’t take too much time. Easy and very useful. Thank you.

Great extension

Review by Claudia | Jul 18, 2013

Video Testimonials
So easy to use.

This extension is very complete and has a great connection with youtube.

Video Testimonials

Review by Kevin | Mar 29, 2013

Video Testimonials
Upload and approvals are straight forward and setup with YouTube was straight forward. Just need to have a channel

great extension!!!!

Review by Joao | Apr 29, 2012

Video Testimonials
I love the fact that we can give now the oportunity to our customers to be part of our store by sinply enabling the the opportunity to add they own videos on our product description, also a great way of showing the customers the potencial of our products or provide them with simple how to's on the products!
Our customers are loving this new feature!

Really nice...

Review by Alexander | Apr 18, 2012

Video Testimonials
We all know that Google loves video content and content stored on YouTube even more. Video Testimonials is a rock solid extension and the AheadWorks team did a great job to customize the extension for my Magento 1.5.1 shop! Thanks again for the generous support and fixing the compatibility issues...


Review by ANDREI | Feb 27, 2012

Video Testimonials
Great way to update the feature list on my site.

it's really one of my favourites

Review by Tingting | Mar 3, 2011

Video Testimonials
I cannot love this one better.
I'm not technique, but after receiving the clear explanation from the support team, and easy setting, this extension just shows like magic! Easy and attractive.
I love the part you can just easily put the url of YouTube...
I bought 4 extensions together... I'm only doubting on the featured product 3, and the reason is not it's not attractive, instead, it's also very attractive, the problem is that my shop is already quite shinny, so this one can make it too shinny, even if my shop is a toy shop ( and the often bought togeter, video testimonial and preview pro are strongly recommended!
I'm impressed with the creative thinking and ideas from AW.
It makes my shop look even prettier!
Thanks guys for helping installation and fix the compatibility issues too.

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