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Order Tags 1.3.2

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Allows you to organize, prioritize, and filter orders by their attributes.


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Order Tags

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The native Magento Orders page is not very functional and it doesn’t give you wide possibilities to filter orders in the way you need. The Order Tags Magento extension allows grouping orders by their attributes through adding tags to each order.

Our module adds a special column at the Orders page which allows defining flags for orders. But you can always automate the process of tags assignment by specifying certain conditions – order obtains N status, order subtotal equals X, grand total is more than Y, shipping\billing country is B, etc.


User-friendly and easy to run

  • Select tags in pop-up window
    Change (add new or remove existent) tags assigned to order directly at the Orders page in the pop-up window – it saves your time as only grid is reloaded.
  • Define several tags for 1 order
    The Order Tags extension allows assigning several tags to one order at a time what makes orders prioritization more precise.
  • Group orders by tags
    Order Tags is extremely helpful for large stores with great number of orders as the extension allows filtering and grouping orders by any tag and consequently by any order attribute.
  • Unlimited tags
    Non-restricted number of tags implies wide opportunities for priority recognition and precise orders grouping.
  • Auto-tagging on admin-specified rules
    You can specify conditions (and even combinations of conditions) for every tag and in accordance with these rules, icons will be automatically added to orders. The flags which don’t correspond to the conditions will disappear.

Customizable tags:

  • Default set of tag icons
    The extension package includes a set of many-colored icons. So you can use the Magento Tag manager immediately after installation – no additional uploads required.
  • Ability to upload custom tag icons
    You can differentiate tags not only by different icon colors (e.g. garish for urgent orders) but various subject images (e.g. national flags for specified billing\shipping countries, or manufacturer logo for certain SKUs).
  • Tags sort order
    Establish the priority of tags displaying in the pop-up window – give first positions to the most popular flags and let less common ones show up at the end of the list.
  • Ability to drop tag if rule doesn't match anymore
    You can set up the function not to display tags if the conditions defined for them are not met.
  • Blank tag customization
    Upload your own tags and use them instead of default blank tags.

Multistore support

Integration with Market Segmentation Suite ver. 2.0

Customer Reviews

Makes it easier

Review by James | Dec 5, 2013

Order Tags
A seemingly minor improvement, which makes managing orders so much easier. If you have several people involved in order fulfillment, that's the simplest way to prevent any.. ugh...confusion:)
As others here have pointed out already, this extension could become even better if there were more supported conditions for tag automation - but this addon is no doubt good as it is.

Works fine under

Review by Jason Stern | Nov 2, 2013

Order Tags
I installed it on my store and order management became much easier and faster. Due to various conditions, this process became almost automatic. I also need wider range of rule conditions available as well as the previous user.

Excellent and makes the order view easier to manage

Review by Tamara | Jun 6, 2013

Order Tags
Love this extension. The basic Magento order view makes it easy to miss an order. With the Order tags extension, it makes it much simpler to see what has and hasn't been shipped, what the order statuses are, etc. I would like some additional rules, such as the ability to add certain tags for a customer group.

That aside, it is an excellent, simple to install and configure module that makes fulfilling orders in Magento much easier.

Thanks aheadworks!

Good support team

Review by Hugues | May 28, 2013

Order Tags
Nice app.. It would be perfect with a side panel which would summarize ordered items.
Extension conflict was solved by Aheadworks team within 3 days.

Great app so is the support!!

Review by Leni | Aug 14, 2011

Order Tags
I am very pleased with this app as it helps me and my fulfillment partner to structure the order flow.
Ahead works provided some good support to get this app working to my needs.

Doesn't Play Nice with the Grid Manager Extension

Review by Steve | Jan 31, 2011

Order Tags
Installation and configuration is simple, very similar to other extensions. Although, if you use the Grid Manager extension then adding an Order Tag will reset your custom columns back to the default. A page refresh will get back the custom columns.

Great! ...but needs more rule conditions

Review by Brian | Dec 25, 2010

Order Tags
It's a great extension - no problems installing, configuring, etc. My only gripe is that I sincerely wish the there was a wider range of rule conditions available, specifically about the ordering Customer. I wanted to create a VIP order tag so I could know when one of my top-ordering customers placed an order then get it out right away or send a gift. However, I can't do it because there's no option to make a rule condition involving a customer group, customer email, etc.

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