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Order Attributes Pro 1.0.3

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Adds extra fields to any checkout steps. You can insert fields of any types: text, dropdown, checkbox, etc.


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Magento Order Attributes Pro

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The essential Magento order management component of great customer experience is quick and seamless order processing. Orders should be completed as fast as possible and don’t afflict customers with any delays. Sometimes the information given during the checkout process is not enough to complete an order. The Magento Order Attributes Pro extension is a splendid solution that can gently help you in getting the required data from clients at once.

The Order Attributes Pro extension for Magento allows you to add custom fields to any checkout steps. You can insert fields of any types (text, dropdown, checkbox, etc.) for filling in and fasten the process of order completion. You will not have to call or email customers to find out the best time for delivery or ask to leave feedback annoying them.

With the Magento Order Attributes Pro module, you can get different kind of information from specific customer groups. Moreover, custom fields can be set up as required for filling in during necessary period of time. The data given by customer is saved and can be used for further order processing.


  • Get additional info for quick order processing
  • Add order attributes to the following checkout blocks:
    • Billing Information
    • Shipping Information
    • Shipping Method
    • Payment Information
    • Review Order
  • Integration with One Step Checkout allows you to place additional attributes to any blocks on a single checkout page
  • Show filled in order attributes in:
    • Order Grid
    • PDFs
    • Customer Account
  • Set up default value for every order attribute
  • Make order attributes mandatory for filling in
  • Specify the sequence of attributes displaying
  • Choose customer groups that can view attributes
  • Create attributes of different types:
    • text field
    • text area
    • date
    • “Yes/No”
    • multiple select
    • dropdown
  • Validate all input provided by customers:
    • numeric
    • alpha
    • alphanumeric
    • URL
    • email
  • A separate admin grid for easy management of order attributes
  • Multi-store support

The module is integrated with the following Magento extensions by aheadWorks:

Customer Reviews

Nice and flexible

Review by Adam | Dec 5, 2013

Order Attributes Pro
I can't recall anybody's trying to improve the native Magento order info, but AW guys seem to have it done, and done properly. Whatever info you might have lacked in the order screen, can now be easily added.
This extension allows unbelievable flexibility, I'm convinced any online store can benefit from using it.

Great all-rounder

Review by Hans | Nov 21, 2013

Order Attributes Pro
As a webdev, I was taken aback when realized that this single module can replace huge number of custom things I had built for my clients over time.
I've used it in just one project this far, but I will certainly find some use for it in the future.


Review by William | Nov 7, 2013

Order Attributes Pro
We have a B2B website with no online payment processing, and this single extension allowed us to completely re-arrange our ordering process.
Works like a charm, and its versatility is beyond believable.

Our needs are fully covered

Review by Jimmy | Oct 31, 2013

Order Attributes Pro
In our company, we pay serious attention to order fulfillment (special packaging options, carrier delivery,etc), and therefore, we were in need to somehow arrange the available options.
The Order Attributes covered our needs entirely, we receive great deal of positive feedback from our clients.
The only note is that with this module, the orders are supposed to be managed through a separate grid - which isn't too bad, it just takes a little time getting used to.

Just what we were looking for

Review by Alex | Oct 27, 2013

Order Attributes Pro
We need to collect some non-standard order-related info from our clietns, and we even used to arrange it as product options before (which was quite a clumsy workaroud ).
Now, we can get these details exactly where we need them, installing this module was a huge relief in many aspects.

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