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One Click Checkout 2.1.2

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Allows placing an order directly from the product or shopping cart pages with a single mouse click.


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Magento One Click Checkout Partner product


This product has been developed and is being supported by a partner developer.

This module has been developed by an aheadWorks partner and is supported via our Help Desk system by its developer. Our team has examined the source code, tested the extension's functionality and compatibility, and approved it for use on Magento-based websites.

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The "One Click Checkout" extension is a great means of making your customer enjoy online shopping rather than struggle through it. With this extension, you enable your registered customers to make instant purchases without having to click countless "Continue" buttons of the standard checkout procedure.

The extra "One Click Checkout" button is introduced to product pages (as well as to the Shopping Cart screen), and after clicking this button the order will be immediately created. A customer will only have to confirm their cart content and select the preferred payment method, all through a handy pop-up window. Another pop-up allows a not logged in user to quickly access their account to take the advantage of the module's instant ordering.

All the necessary customer's details (shipping and billing addresses, etc.) are taken from their account. If for any reason a customer needs to change them, they can do it directly from the current page.

You can easily configure the module's functionality to be available for certain customer group(s) only, and define what payment methods are allowed for one-click ordering.


  • Buy with a single click mouse click
  • Direct checkout from:
    • Product page
    • Cart page
  • Simple on-page selector for Shipping and Billing Addresses
  • AJAX-powered pop-ups for:
    • Current cart review and update
    • Quick account login
    • Adding a new Shipping or Billing Address
  • "Continue shopping" and "Standard Checkout" links in Cart Review pop-up
  • Choose customer groups eligible for ordering with One Click Checkout
  • Define the available payment methods
  • Multistore support
  • Integration with aheadWorks extensions:

Customer Reviews

Sales Booster

Review by Josh | Feb 7, 2014

One Click Checkout
Our customers love how they can now get their order finalized directly from the product page, without going through the whole product-cart-checkout cycle.
Naturally, offering such option significantly decreases the chance of customer's getting hesitant, distracted or plain bored, and leaving a store. The number of abandoned carts at our store has declined since we integrated this module.


Review by Ryan | Nov 5, 2013

One Click Checkout
It's the best One Click Checkout Magento extension. We had some display problems that were resolved within a few hours, the support is excellent. And an excellent provider. Thanks

Very useful

Review by Amanda | Oct 31, 2013

One Click Checkout
Since we installed this module, the growth in sales is inclined. Our customers prefer buying in one simple click. Our clients are happy with the convenience of purchase and we are happy with the breakout.


Review by Matt | Oct 3, 2013

One Click Checkout
Installed on Magento CE ver. 1.8, works great.
aW also have a fantastic support - just mail your problem and they respond very fast and really help you.

Excellent product, company, support

Review by Fred Zimmerman | Feb 21, 2012

One Click Checkout
I purchased OneClickCheckout a couple of weeks ago because I reasoned that improving checkout conversion rates was probably the single most cost efficient purchase I could make, and $89 seemed quite reasonable for something that would benefit my entire sales cycle for all time. Unfortunately, I ran into a problem almost immediately -- the product did not initially support one click checkout if mandatory terms and conditions are enforced at checkout. I asked AheadWorks to add a checkbox and link to T&C to the popup checkout page, and they did so in less than 24 hours from when they were able to access my site to see the problem. Excellent service. AheadWorks is probably the most impressive Magento vendor I have come across out of eight or ten that I have tried. Their products install very cleanly, the admin & front end interfaces are clean and comprehensible, and the support is top-notch. Recommended.

Such a good idea

Review by Matthew | Feb 1, 2012

One Click Checkout
Brand new extension - such a good idea. It makes checkout faster for our customers that are consistently coming back. We'll see if they use it!

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