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Image Slider 1.3.3

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Improves your banner advertising experience with a highly-professional and easy-customizable images rotator.


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Magento Image Slider

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Whether you need a powerful Magento ad tracking and banner rotation system with high clickthrough rate, the Image Slider extension is perfect solution for you. Our Magento module will never let your banner slider stagnate by rotating images automatically in an eye-catching manner on any page of your Magento store.

If you want to create a recency effect at your Magento website with a changing head image or lure your visitors to content on your own or others' sites, the Image Slider Magento module is the most attractive tool. You can use this extension to display random linked images at any place of your store with joyful visual effects.

Extension Features:

  • Ability to specify first frame timeout
  • Ability to specify animation speed
  • Ability to hide images navigation automatically
  • Multistore support
  • Customizable width and height of banner slider
  • Different types of animation effects:
    • simple slider
    • fade\appear
    • blind up \ blind down
    • slide up \ slide down
    • jalousie
    • random effect for each slider
  • Unlimited quantity of sliders per page
  • Ability to insert slider via widgets, CMS, and layout
  • Predefined banner slider positions - left column, right column, and before content
  • Ability to specify period for image displaying
  • Clicks statistics
  • Ability to disable block navigation
  • Ability to use direct URLs

Customer Reviews

Very Good

Review by Jean-Philippe | May 26, 2014

Image Slider
simple and efficient !

Great Work

Review by Matt | May 16, 2014

Image Slider
This is another easy to use and efficient module from AW. Like all others, it was super simple to install and even simpler to manage once it was incorporated into a website. Works like a charm and the sliders are great attention getters on any website. Keep up the good work.

Simple and intuitive

Review by Gerald | Apr 8, 2014

Image Slider
A very comprehensible and easy-to-use solution. Gave our site that immediate Pro feel we were trying to build.
AW support team also deserves a mention here: we'd got some clash with our custom theme after the install, and the problem was solved promptly. Kudos to you, guys:)

Great tool

Review by Patrick | Jan 29, 2014

Image Slider
The Image Slider app by AW provides an extremely flexible framework for inserting the slider boxes to any site area.
We now have sliders in virtually every store page, and they are so easy to manage! Recommend it to anyone!

Excellent module and even better support

Review by Bob | Jan 24, 2014

Image Slider
The module gives many opportunities to rotate important information at the place I want on my website. Such features as ability to insert slider via widgets, CMS, or layout and predefined slider positions make it really easy to configure the type of banner you want and put it wherever you like. I'd definitely recommend it to everyone with a Magento website. The extension support I received form the aheadWorks team is great too. They are very quick to respond and are very helpful.


Review by Vicky | Jan 10, 2014

Image Slider
This extension is easy to install and set up and worked straight away for us. It does the job without any hassle. I have complete confidence in the quality of Aheadworks extensions and always look to them first for any extension.

Very good extension

Review by Haresh | Jan 6, 2014

Image Slider
It contains all features as they mention and also work perfectly.

This extension saves my time!

Review by Paul | Nov 11, 2013

Image Slider
This extension saves my time!!! Thebanner rotation system organized by this module is perfect. I've been using the extension from the first release and should say that the latest versions are more powerful and feature-rich. And I'm glad that chose this module that helps me creating eye-catching slideshows!

Simple mais efficace

Review by Thierry | Feb 7, 2013

Image Slider
Ce module est basique mais il fait proprement (comme toujours avec aheadWorks ) ce qu'on lui demande.

Awesome extension.

Review by Michi | Oct 17, 2012

Image Slider
This is one of the coolest extensions I got, and I am happy with this extension.
It virtually works everywhere even on aheadworks iphone template.
Nice work!

Easy installation and Perfect extension

Review by Stefan | Oct 10, 2012

Image Slider
I love this extension. The Installation was really easy and it works perfect from the scratch.

Easy slideshow management!

Review by Wallace | Jul 14, 2012

Image Slider
Installed this for a client who has absolutely no knowledge of html or web design . Using the plugin, the client is able to upload, update, and configure the banners right from within the Magento Admin without having to use FTP or Dreamweaver. Highly recommend!

one functionality is missing

Review by chiareu | Jul 10, 2012

Image Slider
It was interesting that when the image order is not specified, images to be displayed randomly.

Convenient, easy to use and CSS stylable

Review by Neil | May 10, 2012

Image Slider
I looked at quite a few image sliders. Some of them had really complex admin interfaces that looked clever, but then did horrible stuff in the templates. AheadWorks Image Slider has the convenient admin features that I was looking for, but at the same time keeps the templates clean enough to be able to restyle it using CSS. Great! :)

My home page can't live with out it

Review by Ruben Silva | Apr 25, 2012

Image Slider
Yes...again: No problems during or after installation! How can you guys do that? Simple Very proffessional people working there!


Review by IGGY | Mar 1, 2012

Image Slider
Very simple and very easy to used, fits anywhere on the site.


Great Module

Review by Scott | Feb 16, 2012

Image Slider
Tried several modules before this one. This has all the features we needed. Create multiple banners for multiple areas of our site, and get click through rates.


Review by steve | Feb 15, 2012

Image Slider
Works Brilliantly, excellent support and guidance to install from Aheadworks team,

Many Thanks, I will certainly look at other extensions in the near future.

Images très propres

Review by Thierry | Feb 6, 2012

Image Slider
Le module remplit parfaitement sa fonction. Peut-être manque il un peu de possibilités de paramétrage, mais avec un peu d'astuce on y arrive. Et puis c'est une version toute récente. Les releases seront certainement parfaites.

Very nice to have

Review by Nick | Feb 3, 2012

Image Slider
One of the best slider extensions available. No troubles at all, very easy to use and understand.

Very happy with this slider after trying lots of others. Read on...

Review by Five5 | Dec 19, 2011

Image Slider
We have been through quite a process of sliders and banners over the last few months. Tried many paid and free extensions. Many promised lots of fancy things, so we gave many of them a try but were disappointed. One vendor (of a paid extension) would not respond to support requests at all.

In the end, the many fancy sliders proved unreliable and 'quirky' so we opted for this slider extension from AheadWorks which we thought would be something less functionally ambitious, but from one of the bigger extension vendors who provides a better level of support than many.

This slider/banner was left to last to try because it did not seem overly exciting, but we tried it out eventually as frustration grew with all the other. Not sure why because we have many other AheadWorks extensions installed and are pretty happy with them all.

Anyway, this extension just works.... easy to install, easy to integrate into pages as it has its own widget. No problem whatsoever, so after quite a journey we are happy and am implementing this extension throughout all out web-stores.

Earlier I mention this extension might be less ambition... well it does not have some fancy transitions or HTML in banners (images only), but it does have click stats and scheduling which are very very helpful.

Undoubtedly one of the best banner modules out there

Review by Jeremy | Dec 1, 2011

Image Slider
When aheadworks says 2-minute install they mean it. The only thing we had to do with spending time on with this module was actually designing the banners. Module works like a charm, i highly recommend it. You can view it in action on our homepage



Review by turlin : | Nov 22, 2011

Image Slider
Here is a great extension. Very easy to use and graphicaly powerful. Creating sliders is now easy as a duck soup. And the after sale service is both smart and efficient. Probably one of the most professional i've ever seen. Bravo !

Great looking slider

Review by Edward | Sep 24, 2011

Image Slider
I purchased this slider because I had another one that was so messed up in code. So I went with the Aheadworks image slider and it works great. It's a slider that has no flaws and works perfectly. No coding errors whatsoever and works well on our highly customizable website. For the price its worth the nice layout and quality.


Review by Alexander | Aug 11, 2011

Image Slider
Nice slider, excellent support. Installation was a bit rough tho. But with a patch and the support of the AW-team the slider works.

Thanks guys!

Great little extension..

Review by Scott | Jul 16, 2011

Image Slider
Nice simple extension which does everything it should without any issues.. Installation was a breeze like all ahead works extensions

Great working extension

Review by Thomas Maier | Jul 5, 2011

Image Slider
For producing banner slide shows were using an external application before. Using this nice extension we are able to do all this stuff straight from the magento backend. Also, the code produced is much more compatible to all OS and browser versions out there (no flash). A minor problem was fixed in between 30 minutes by Aheadworks Support which supplied me a small patch. Great work!

Works great

Review by Daniel | Jun 16, 2011

Image Slider
While there are many free alternatives, the module greatly simplifies content management and frees us to think in business.
A little installation problem in backend (probally my fault...), but as usual the perfect support team quickly fixed up. Congrats!

Brilliant Extension

Review by Rickyfk | May 2, 2011

Image Slider
We have been looking for a slider/banner extension for a long time now, and can happily say that this works brilliantly out of the box and does everything that we need it to.

5/5 guys - keep up the good work.

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