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Facebook Link 2.2.2

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Promotes your store among your customers' Facebook friends.


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Magento Facebook Link Extension

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Be where your customers are — this is the simple mantra for most successful businesses. Chances are, a large number of your customers are on Facebook! After all, it is the among the top 6 websites in terms of traffic, as reported by comScore. So, create a presence on your customers’ Facebook Walls and get a distinct competitive edge over your competitors.

The Magento Facebook Link module helps you do exactly that. Posts like “I’ve just purchased this great stuff at (your store link)” would automatically be displayed on the Wall. The Magento Facebook Connect extension uses various product variables to customize these messages and make them attractive: you can include the store name, name of the purchased product, price and links to the store or product page.

Get maximum viral marketing effect with minimum effort.

Features for website visitors

Faster Facebook login to your Magento store
1-click login when the customer is logged-in on Facebook.

Show-off purchases
Your customers now have the option to automatically tell friends about their purchases. Friends value such information- after all, we are all influenced by what our friends buy!

Transaction privacy
Customers can choose to not have their purchase details displayed on their Facebook wall. They can opt-in to grant your store access to their wall, the first time they access their Facebook account. If granted, all further purchases will be reflected on the wall automatically.

“Like” button
The Facebook Like button, added to the Product page, lets your site visitors share your content with their friends on Facebook. When the user clicks the Like button on your site, a story appears in the user’s friends’ News Feed with a link back to your website.

“Send” button
The Magento Facebook Connect module can be used to display the Send button along with the Like button. The Send button allows users to send the URL in a message to Facebook friends, to the walls of Facebook groups, or as an email to an individual.

Features for store admin

Greater brand penetration
Your store and products gain an entry into the 2nd largest social media website on the internet. Most of your customers are likely to have a Facebook account with a good network of friends.

User-friendly interface
  • Login and sign-up using Facebook API
  • Automatic updates on customer's Facebook wall
  • Custom wall post template and custom action link template (as Facebook does not allow in-text hyperlinks)
  • Ability to include pre-defined number of products from the order in the post
  • Template variables detailing purchased products (E.g. the template is "#username# has just purchased #product_title# for only #price# from #store#." When posted to the wall, all these variables are substituted with real values)

The extension is integrated with the following Magento modules by aheadWorks:

  • One Step Checkout
    Insert Facebook login functionality into the one step checkout page.
  • Price Match
    Allow buyers to tell their Facebook friends about lower prices on your products.
  • Points & Rewards
    Reward your clients when they click the Facebook Like button in your Magento store.

Customer Reviews

good working module , shame expired

Review by john | Apr 15, 2014

Facebook Link
Good working module, but shame that it expires and you have to pay again money for something that you already paid for.

Useful with Points'n'Rewards

Review by Eric | Feb 18, 2014

Facebook Link
We purchased this module to get another aheadWorks plugin (reward points) give bonuses for FB likes.
However, the Facebook Link ext proved to be quite useful itself, so the money were not wasted

Helpful support, thanks a lot

Review by Max | Oct 29, 2013

Facebook Link
Works fine, support was fast and helpfull. Needed some help installing the extension, they reacted fast and solved the problem. Thanks a lot!

Works for what we need

Review by John | Sep 11, 2013

Facebook Link
Works well and we made some customizations to enhance.

Work perfect

Review by Peter | Aug 29, 2013

Facebook Link
Had little issues which turned out to be related to my local dev. env. of magento. customer service AAA+++

Facebook Link

Review by Kevin | Mar 29, 2013

Facebook Link
Works fairly well, and installation service was good. Facebook App ID process has changed since directions. Still waiting on getting the proper ID

Facebook Link

Review by Guy PV | Feb 22, 2013

Facebook Link
As usual from Aheadworks extensions it was very easy to install and works very well with our Magento 1.4 version store. The instruction were clear and easy to follow. If you want to harness social media for your business this extensions is definitely worth considering.

Great Integration with Points System

Review by Jerome | Jan 2, 2013

Facebook Link
Purchase the following item so that I can use it with my point system.

I realise the synergy is great and very useful to encourage customers to like your product and FB page.

Small investment for a larger exposure ! :) Recommended !

Must have for serieus E-commerce

Review by Essam | Jun 28, 2012

Facebook Link
Works perfectly and installation was very easy. Very valuable to let your customers easily log in with worlds most used social media.

Great features and easy to use

Review by Joao | Apr 29, 2012

Facebook Link
Great features that compleate this extension, since almost everyone has a facebook account, just the fact that our custumers can create an account using their facebook profile, or connect they actual account to they facebook profile, gives them an easy option for login on on our store, and besides that, it's a great way from getting a more wide exposure of our store on the social network!
A must for every store!!


Review by Tom | Apr 10, 2012

Facebook Link
Had a few issue upon installing, but support was great and helped right away!. Anything tying into social networks these days are a must! Great extension

great module

Review by Anton | Dec 22, 2011

Facebook Link
my customers use it and it is very easy to use!

Best customer service

Review by Emil | Nov 29, 2011

Facebook Link
Hi, I got this extension for a while. I think this extension is one of the must in the jungle of internett. But my best experience is with the customer service. They did their best to solve my problem and even did work for me that I was expecting they will charge me with money. But they did it for free. thanks :-)

Smooth and easy

Review by Robert | Nov 8, 2011

Facebook Link
Took a bit to get Facebook app id and secret key due to Facebook authentication but as soon as that was resolved everything was easy! Would def recommend this extension!

Everyone is on Facebook!

Review by Jeff Sohler | Sep 19, 2011

Facebook Link
Facebook Connect is working great for us... since just about everyone is on Facebook, and most people trust the Facebook Connect concept, so we get a lot of free advertising just from them logging in to our site to purchase. As usual, the install went smooth, and the product works perfectly. Thanks for the great work!

Very good extension

Review by Alexander | Aug 23, 2011

Facebook Link
The installation progress was under 2 minutes and the extension works very great and excellent. The next extension from ahead, who knocks out comparison products of other suppliers.

Easy to use!

Review by Ryan | Aug 12, 2011

Facebook Link
Easy to install and a great extension for websites with lots of returning customers, fashion etc!

FB can help

Review by Sara | Aug 4, 2011

Facebook Link
90% of our customers own a FB account. as such, enabling them to share and log in using just their FB credentials is a WIN-WIN situation for both buyer and seller. what more, if they are willing to share their purchase to their 100-200 friends. of coz, not all will convert but your brand will reach and some day they will come back!

Nice.. but have a request

Review by Lance | Jun 23, 2011

Facebook Link
Nice extension. Appreciate the ability to offers customers to login with their facebook account. But as the store owner, I would like the ability to view statistics. How many people signed up through Facebook? Do they turn on the post to my wall feature? Stuff like that. Can that be implemented?

Web agency | Install Facebook Link Magento

Review by Sutunam | May 31, 2011

Facebook Link
We are used to install the Facebook Link extension on our Magento client's projects! Very nice and useful extension to link with the famous Facebook!

Tanguy -

Social Media Wonder!

Review by Office Slide | May 26, 2011

Facebook Link
This extension is the easiest and most comprehensive way to integrate Facebook Login (AND SIGNUP) to your online store.

The best part of this extension is that it allows users to post the details of their purchase back to their facebook wall allowing your products and site to be marketed to all of their friends!!!

needs work

Review by bruce | Dec 11, 2009

Facebook Link
Has an issue with flagging browser as loading insecure content on SSL connections. Can work around it by connecting to ssl.connect.facebook instead, but this work around impacts loadspeed of pages. Needs to be looked at imo.

Top notch

Review by Charlie | Nov 24, 2009

Facebook Link
Ran into a few bumps but with the quality and timely support from aheadworks everything was resolved and functions great. Thanks! I will return

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