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Event Tickets 1.0.1

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Create unlimited number of free or paid events, sell tickets online, and manage attendees.


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Magento Event Tickets

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The Event Tickets Magento extension is a powerful tool to help merchants sell tickets online for concerts, conferences, theatrical performances, or any other special events. You can easily organize event registration system on your website and allow customers book tickets whenever they want.

With the Event Tickets Magento module, you can create an unlimited amount of events and sell tickets for them. Tickets can be divided into types such as VIP & Classic, Adult & Child, etc. Moreover, prices and quantity of tickets can differ from each other according to ticket types. For example, you can configure selling 10 VIP tickets (value $300) and 30 Classic tickets (value $100) for a seminar.

By the way, the extension gives you an insurance that your clients will never forget about the event. Set up auto-reminder and confirmation email and be always in touch with your customers.

Implement the events management system on your website and get a possibility to analyze its effectiveness with the help of the Event Tickets Magento extension.


  • Start selling tickets online
    With the Event Tickets extension for Magento, you can easily organize booking system at your website. Create as many free or paid events as you need and let visitors get tickets to concerts, trainings, seminars, or any other event 24/7.
  • Create tickets easily
    Set up all ticket parameters in a separate tab while editing/creating a new product. The following product types are supported by the module:
    * simple
    * virtual
    * downloadable
  • Event auto-reminder
    Take care of your clients and be sure that they don’t forget about the event they have registered for. Specify when the event occurs and tell customers not to miss it X days before the defined date.
  • Register customers for an event
    The Event Tickets Magento extension allows you to register clients for any event directly from the backend. Just order the required product and make your client a participant of the event in some simple clicks.
  • Manage ticket types
    • Create adult/child, male/female, or any other ticket types as many as you wish.
    • Set up multiple prices per event. The Event Tickets module allows you to calculate the price of every ticket type as a percent or fived sum of the initial price.
    • Define how many tickets of every type can be bought.
    • Specify the sequence of ticket types to be displayed on the product page.
    • Ticket types are displayed as custom options in the frontend, so visitors can choose any option on the product page and buy the ticket.
    • Set up the title of the section with all available tickets – it will be visible for customers in the frontend.
    • Send confirmation emails. With the Event Tickets extension, you can send different confirmation emails to customers according to ticket types.
  • Terms & Conditions of an event
    Create special Terms & Conditions per every event, so clients will have to read and accept them to continue the checkout process.
  • Track attendees
    • Have a look at customers, quantity and types of tickets they have bought.
    • Send messages to required customers. You can easily inform your clients about any changes in the event by sending them a message.
    • Export clients into CSV, XML files and have the list of buyers by hand.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of the event
    The module allows you to view the statistics per every event and analyze the effectiveness of marketing and merchandising strategies.

Customer Reviews


Review by Serge | Feb 25, 2014

Event Tickets
It adds booking parameter to the main product types, instead of creating a new one as Booking extension from AW does. Recommended.

Most happy

Review by Jillian | Dec 9, 2013

Event Tickets
We'd been looking for some SIMPLE solution for online ticket sales, so that we woudn't have to employ a dev just to help us maintain the thing:)
This one was a great catch - it's absolutely straightforward and comprehensible. We're most happy with this app.

Simple and effective

Review by James | Dec 3, 2013

Event Tickets
The app's title tells the whole story. If you are selling attendances of any sort, here's the easy way to manage them.
The only drawback I can think of is that it works for one-time events only. It would be great to have a provision to manage regular events (say, Friday night shows). If something along the lines gets added in the future, this module will become just perfect

Sell tickets easily

Review by Gram | Nov 18, 2013

Event Tickets
This module may seem a bit costly, but let's face it - there's no real competitors to it on the market (or at least, I failed to find any).
I have a coule of other exts from aheadworks, they have always been great, and the Event Tickets one didn't come to be an exception. Well done!

Very good, with some space for improvement

Review by Hans | Oct 24, 2013

Event Tickets
One thing this module lacks is some provision for ticket printable ticket forms. We had to devise some workaround (think product custom options;) to compensate this.
Other than this, though, the extension has ANY other feature required for managing events. It does its job briliantly.

Excellent Module

Review by Geoff | Sep 3, 2013

Event Tickets
This extension is the backbone of my business, there is nothing close to it out. I use this module to manage all of my events and tickets for them. The extension is fully integrated into Magento, no external integrations. I also have to say the support team is the best! I highly recommend this module. These guys really know Magento in and out.

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