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Event-Based Discounts 1.0.3

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Automatic discounts for your registered customers triggered by rules and events configured by merchant.


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Magento Event-Based Discounts

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There are various reasons why customers abandon their carts. Every day merchants lose thousands of dollars because something distracted or prevented online shoppers from placing their orders. We offer you to try a new motivation tool which is aimed at reducing the number of abandoned carts.

The Event-Based Discounts Magento extension can help you stimulate your registered clients to place their orders without delays. A special timer counts backward to indicate the remaining time of the promotions. So your logged-in customers see that they have only X minutes to place the order and:

  • get fixed amount as a discount
  • obtain a percent discount
  • be moved to a premium group

The Event-Based Discounts extension allows you to create various campaigns to stimulate different groups of registered customers, so you can reach the highest results and maximum effect. With our Magento module, you can easily organize different promotions, such as:

  • 20 first logged in customers get the 15% discount for the whole cart. The offer is active during 1 hour and the timer is shown 1 time to the same customer
  • every newly registered customer gets a 5% discount automatically applied to the shopping cart which can be used within 2 hours
  • if the cart subtotal is $1500, your consumers obtain a chance to get the access to the premium customer group by placing the order within 30 minutes


  • Automatically inserted on all store pages
  • Works for logged-in users
  • Floating timer
  • Set discount duration time
  • Set period for timer to be active
  • Limit runs per customer
  • Limit total runs
  • Show timer to selected customer groups only
  • 4 activation events:
    • place order
    • cart update
    • log in
    • new registration
  • 3 action types:
    • fixed amount discount
    • percent discount
    • change customer group
  • Same conditions as in shopping cart price rules
  • Timer appearing effects:
    • fade
    • slide
    • blink
    • none
  • Choose timer position using live preview selector
  • Take advantage of nine predefined timer positions: top-left, top-center, top-right, middle-left, middle-center, middle-right, bottom-left, bottom-center, and bottom-right
  • Select font color using color picker
  • Preview timer
  • Timer notice with ability to use HTML
  • Ability to use URL for timer
  • Timer statistics
  • Dynamic change of values
  • CSS-friendly
  • 3 design templates are included
  • Ability to customize timer block template
  • Multistore support

Customer Reviews

Good product!

Review by Roy | Feb 17, 2014

Event-Based Discounts
This module is really cool! I use it for motivation customers and it brings benefits. Discounts created with its help are great and are easy to organize. Good product from experienced developers!

I love the timer function

Review by sexysimon | Nov 8, 2013

Event-Based Discounts
Since I started using this new motivation tool I noticed that my sales revenues went up significantly. The tool is easy to use and allows my customers to see at a glance exactly how much time they have before the latest promotions end. I love the range of different features and the fact that I can manipulate them as I want. All in all, a useful tool and the timer function looks good.

I like it

Review by Michel | Nov 7, 2013

Event-Based Discounts
I've been looking for such an extension so long. And finally has got it from you guys. I wish it worked with unregistered users as well though ;-) But regardless this feature the module works fantastic.

Works well overall

Review by John | Sep 11, 2013

Event-Based Discounts
There were some minor issues but the engineers as usual worked to help us fix them.

good extension

Review by Michi | Oct 18, 2012

Event-Based Discounts
Works beautifully with aw-iphone template, as well.
However, customer need to log in to the system to see this pop-up.
I think, you guys should “not logged in” into the customers good for your next version so that new customers can see this pop-up before they create their accounts.

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