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Easy Categories 1.1.1

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Places the category listing wherever you like - on home page, category page, or any CMS page.

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Magento Easy Categories Extension

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The Easy Categories Magento module displays your store’s product categories so customers can rapidly find what they want. Best of all, you can place your category listings wherever you’d like — your store’s home page, a special category page or another CMS page.

Features of this exciting new extension for Magento include:

  • The ability to place categories on any page you’d like
    The Easy Categories extension gives you the freedom to choose how best to provide your customers with quick links to merchandise categories.
  • The ability to lay out your categories in columns or lines
    If you have more than one page devoted to category listings, you’ll appreciate Easy Categories’ separate CSS files for each layout.
  • The opportunity to include images with your category listings
    Just use the category attribute “Thumbnail” and your chosen image will be displayed next to the category name. This is especially beneficial for product categories whose images could greatly entice customers to make purchases.
  • The option to specify the thumbnail size of photos
    If you’re using the category attribute “Thumbnail”, you can make your image smaller or larger.
  • The speed needed to upgrade your storefront quickly
    You don’t have to spend hours determining how to hyperlink or list categories on a web page. Use the Easy Categories module and within 2 minutes, you’ll be up and running. Plus, thanks to this extension’s straightforward interface, you don’t have to be a webpage design expert to create professional pages that sell.

Customer Reviews

Awesome, thanks

Review by Serge | Feb 25, 2014

Easy Categories
It is free and simple, worth to try out. Adapted to native Magento design, so styling was required to match with my site.


Review by Lucas | Dec 6, 2013

Easy Categories
I've been looking for such exact solution, and to find the one that is such a perfect match was huge luck. And even more fortunately, it is free!
Don't have proper words to tell how happy I am with this ext: it works like a charm, easy to style, and is just excellent!:)

I enjoy it

Review by Teddy | Nov 6, 2013

Easy Categories
I use this module to display product categories in my store. This extension works like a charm. All features I needed are included out of the box (place categories on any page you’d like, the option to specify the thumbnail size of photos etc.).


Review by Martin | Oct 22, 2013

Easy Categories
just requires some styling work, Nice and Easy

Good extension but needs some CSS coding to implement properly

Review by Essam | May 18, 2012

Easy Categories
This extension works exactly as promised. To implement in a nice way you need a lot of CSS coding though. Would be nice if there were options to turn of the title (since most category pages have titles already) and to have better control over which sub-categories are shown in the list.

Overall, I am still very happy with this Aheadworks solution!


Review by Sidney @ Studio Emma | Apr 11, 2012

Easy Categories
Nice and simple extension. Easy installation, requires some styling afterwards.
If I can give you guys a good tip: you should incorporate the possibility to have FEATURED categories by adding an attribute "Show in easy categories" to the category and a sort order attribute. This would give everyone the possibility to sort the categories inside easy categories hence having featured categories.

Keep up the good work!

Simple and Quick Solution to Sub-Categories

Review by Office Slide | May 26, 2011

Easy Categories
We needed to list over 300 sub-categories complete with thumbnails and this extension did it for us perfectly!

The extension is easy to use, worked perfect for Magento

The thumbnail capability was a must have for us and it works great.

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