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Better Thank You Page 1.0.2

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Displays order Information, social media sharing, custom CMS block, cross-sells, or newsletter subscription form on order success page.


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Better Thank You Page

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A lot of aspects influence on visitors’ behaviour and their decisions whether to buy products at your store or leave for another one. If they have preferred you among thousands of existed ones, you should do your best to keep terms with them and transform come-and-go buyers into customers forever. The Better Thank You Page Magento extension converts the last minute customers are going to spend at your store into long-termed relations with you.

The Better Thank You Page Magento extension allows you to empower Magento success page and derive a profit from it. You can thank clients for the valuable purchase they have made using attractive banners, leave some additional information that can be useful for customers, or encourage them to buy more products at your website. Moreover, you can strengthen the connection with your clients by suggesting them to subscribe to newsletter directly from the Magento thank you page.

The extension configuration will not take much of your time, but the Magento thank you page will be filled in with the promotional and useful information in the required sequence momentary.

Give as much attention to the Magento success page as to other pages of your store and be sure that it will return increased customer loyalty and experience with a boost of sales.


  • Order Information
    Provide clients with the fullest information about the order. Make them sure that their purchase will be processed soon. The Better Thank You Page extension allows you to thank clients for their purchases, add any additional information, show their invoice and order number.
  • Social Media sharing
    Let your clients promote your store among their friends at social networks. The extension gives you a possibility to display social networks buttons using:
    - small icons with titles
    - small icons
    - large icons
  • Custom CMS block
    You can encourage customers to buy other products, tell them about any promotions taken at your website using CMS block that can be easily added to the Magento success page.
  • Native Magento Cross Sells
    Use native Magento cross-sells to display products that customers can be interested in after the order has been placed.
  • Newsletter subscription
    Be always connected with your clients and make it possible to subscribe to newsletter if they haven’t done it before. Moreover, guests can also subscribe to newsletter as they have already given their email address during the checkout process.

Customer Reviews

Great Addition

Review by Josie | May 6, 2014

Better Thank You Page
Really easy to set up and adds that final icing on the cake to the customer experience.

Social buttons are a great idea.

A "Final blow" solution

Review by Matt | Jan 29, 2014

Better Thank You Page
The ways to use this simple plugin are numerous. It is a real catch for a customer, to see something nice after they have already ordered. I urge anyone to add this plugin to theri stores, cause it WILL get you that extra sales daily.

Just what I needed

Review by Alain | Jan 27, 2014

Better Thank You Page
This is the best extension for success page available in the whole Magento community. It gives you exactly what you need. The best thing I like about this extension is that I am able to promote products via native Magento cross-sells. After a few simple settings our customers can see the products they can be interested in when the order has been placed. It's great as I can attract clients to come to my store again and again! Nothing could be better than Better Thank You Page!

Awesome plugin

Review by Maria | Dec 16, 2013

Better Thank You Page
As for everything I have got from you it is a great extension

Great extension

Review by Marc | Dec 1, 2013

Better Thank You Page
A must have for any store. Great extra opportunity to incline a customer to resuming their shopping after they have ordered already.

Thank you!

Review by Hank B | Nov 20, 2013

Better Thank You Page
Yes this simple extension dresses up your thank you page very nicely and has great features and a pretty Social Networking section to share you order, CMS block for anything you want, and a chance to maybe grab a sale on something the customer forgot. Very well done and simple to install and use! Great job.

Good product

Review by Ivan | Nov 19, 2013

Better Thank You Page
Works fine with Magento CE 1.8. Thanks a lot

Covers all our needs!

Review by Regina Becks | Nov 13, 2013

Better Thank You Page
We looked at a lot of solutions for improving the order success page and went with this module after trying its demo. I believe that these guys really understand the online/retail workflow. The extension covers all our needs and helps attracting customers to our store again and again. Thanks!

Nice idea

Review by Charlie | Nov 8, 2013

Better Thank You Page
This module is just one extra opportunity to incline a customer to resuming their shopping after they have ordered already. We use it that way, as a promo tool, but I can easily imagine a number of other uses.

Exactly what we need

Review by William | Sep 13, 2013

Better Thank You Page
It makes so much more sense to include social buttons on the order success page. Customers have that “happy” feeling of buying something they like and they can then share it with their friends. The module allows us to show new products to customers on this page as well (via cross-sells block). Such a good idea! Works great.

Must have extension

Review by Michi | Jul 11, 2013

Better Thank You Page
When I first saw this extension, I thought that I gotta have this!
I think, someone who thought about this is brilliant!
We had dilemma we wanted to notify our customers new coming products, but when we do so, our customers tend to wait for that new product(s) and stop purchasing others we are already selling.
So we are using this to introducing our new coming product(s) after they checkout!

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