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Automatic Related Products 1.1

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Define the rules for cross-sells or upsells selection and populate related products section automatically.

Automatic Related Products Magento Extension

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Automatic Related Products 2 is the next generation of the Automatic Related Products extension.

Automatic Related Products is extremely flexible Magento extension which allows you to forget about outdated way of adding related products. Define the rules for products selection and let this software populate the block automatically! You can specify the following fetching options - random, last added or lexically similar products; their location - from the current store or current category only, or restrict in-stock only items to be retrieved. You can even specify a certain price range!

Besides standard control of the extension's behaviour from the admin panel, you can also pass block variables what allows you to create several independent of each other related blocks with different content. Position the block anywhere on any page – have cross-sells and upsells at the same time, or use it on category page to create "Featured products" block. Enrich your store with the Automatic Magento Related Products module now!


  • Automatic on-the-fly products relations - starts working immediately with no delays
  • Relating by lexical analysis (alike titles), recency or even randomly
  • Flexible positioning - use a CMS block or just display instead of standard related products option
  • Ability to fetch products from the whole store or only current category
  • Restriction by stock status
  • Price condition - fetch only products that are cheaper or more expensive than a defined price
  • Ability to specify the price for which will be applied price condition
  • Configurable number of items
  • CMS block supports variables that controls products selection - any condition can be overridden, what gives you ability to place multiple blocks in any place of your site with different content
  • Can be used for featured products, banners, promotions, callouts and anything else
  • Control the view of the block by editing a simple template

Need more automation options? Let us know your requirements!

Customer Reviews

Best Cross Selling Extension

Review by David | Nov 14, 2011

Automatic Related Products
We've been using this extension to automate the process of relating products in the Magento backend. The most surprising part of this extension is that you can setup filters to show products within a specific price range, which our customer was trilled about.


Review by itzik | Aug 31, 2011

Automatic Related Products
great extension but i am waiting for the 1.5 upgrade

very usefull !

Review by rico76 | Jul 11, 2011

Automatic Related Products
I bought this extension because i know the time i will need to make relate product by myself when you have huge of products ! And sometimes you need to gone back to the products page to do it.
This extension made the job for you,
thanks a lot !

J'ai acheté cette extension parce je sais le temps que ça prend pour le faire soit même quand vous avez énormément de produits ! Et quelques fois vous avez besoin de revenir sur la page produits pour le faire.
Cette extension fait le travail pour vous.
Merci beaucoup !

Great Extension!

Review by Salvatore | Jun 8, 2011

Automatic Related Products
Great! This extension linked all products of ours to other relevant products of the same category!

Very useful

Review by Ederson Spader | May 30, 2011

Automatic Related Products
Good extension, easy installation and best practices programming for magento.

Life Saver of an Extension

Review by Office Slide | May 26, 2011

Automatic Related Products
Our product catalog is over 37,000 products and without this extension our website would seem empty! This extension quickly and accurately linked all 37,000 products of ours to other relevant products!

Simply amazing!

Good Extension

Review by Lars | Jul 8, 2010

Automatic Related Products
Good extension. Would be better if we could set it to display items in sub-categories and items within a certain price range of the original.

Exactly What We Needed!

Review by bhall2001 | Apr 24, 2010

Automatic Related Products
WOW! What a difference it is to have related products 1-automatically create relations and 2-ARE ACTUALLY RELATED!

I LOVE THIS EXTENSION. I saw on the first day we installed this how customers started to click through to other products while they were browsing. A great extension that installed in a minute and JUST WORKED! Thanks a ton.

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