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Advanced Reports


A perfect tool to arrange your data in a meaningful way
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Make informed decisions

There is only one way to make consistently effective business decisions – keep them as fact based as possible. Having continuous access to reliable information removes guessing from the equation, saves great deal of time, and allows you to track the success of implemented changes.

The Advanced Reports extension is a time-proven Magento reporting solution for extracting and organizing data within your store - 18 reports were designed to answer specific business questions and provide a clear picture of your business performance.

Whether you want to assemble a list of featured products, find the perfect timing to engage social media, segment your promotional effort geographically or even stay ahead of stock shortages, the Advanced Reports Magento module supplies relevant information and helps you deal with a wide range of management issues.

Customize data presentation

Upon the installation all of the reports are set to a default time period, but it could be changed to a custom range or one of our seven pre-defined options ranging from “Last day” to “Last month”. A step of the report grid could be also adjusted to show changes by day, week, month, quarter, or a year.

For each report you can customize:

  • order status
  • orders selection by “Create at” or “Updated at”
  • column view
  • chart design

Additional customization options are available within each individual report to ensure that the data is presented in a way that matches your specific needs.

Match reports to specific needs

Our reporting solution comes with 10 adjustable report types that cover most of your business performance indicators. It may be further expanded with 8 additional reports available both individually and as a pack

See which reports are available within a Standard Kit and an Extended Pack:

Standard kit reports Application areas



identifies most frequently purchased products in a given time period

  • Which items to put on a 'featured' list?
  • What is the right product to highlight in my promo?
  • Hour

    Sales by Hour

    illustrates shopping activity spikes throughout the day

  • What's a good time to send follow-ups?
  • What's a good time to post on social networks?
  • Day

    Sales by Day

    illustrates shopping activity fluctuations throughout the week

  • What's a good day for a limited time offer?
  • Is there a recurring shopping pattern I can use?
  • Product

    Sales by Product

    shows sales of any item, allows comparisons between items. Now with instant SKU search.

  • Should I keep this item in my store?
  • Does this item need help selling?
  • Country

    Sales by Country

    summarizes sales by country and projects the results on a world map

  • Where is my customer base?
  • Is there a need for extra language option?
  • Do I have to geosegment my communication?
  • Detailed

    Sales Detailed

    displays the date, time and financial details for each order.

  • I want to look up any variable without moving between pages
  • Overview

    Sales Overview

    allows to display sales data on the chart and to set up a pre-defined reporting period.

  • How is my store doing?
  • Is there a reason for concern?
  • Did my promo activities have any effect?
  • Activity

    User Activity

    visualizes such customer activity as account creation, order placement, and review writing

  • Do I have a healthy conversion rate?
  • Am I engaging my customers?
  • Group

    Sales by Customer Group

    sorts sales data by groupings of customer types

  • Who is my primary buyer?
  • Should I address a specific target group?
  • Pbcustomer

    Products by Customer

    shows how many products are your customers buying at a time, e.g. “this week you have 2 orders of 4 items, 3 orders of 3 items, etc.”

  • Does it make sense to offer a 2+1 promo?
  • What's a good threshold for quantity discount?
  • Below are additional reports that could be purchased either as a pack together with an Advanced Reports extension or individually at any time:

    Extended pack reports Application areas


    Sales by Manufacturer

    displays sales data grouped by manufacturer

  • Is there a clear brand preference?
  • Which one of my suppliers do I renegotiate with?
  • unit

    Sales by Payment type

    displays sales data grouped by payment methods

  • Would I benefit from more options on any payment type?
  • Do I have to highlight any methods?
  • unit

    Sales by Coupon Code

    shows the number of orders and financial details of sales made using different coupons

  • Do customers make use of coupons?
  • Which ones are the most popular?
  • unit

    Sales by ZIP code

    displays sales data grouped by ZIP code

  • Where do I put my next storage/outlet?
  • Do I have to rethink my shipment options?
  • unit

    Sales Statistics

    features average order amount and average item price

  • Do my customers go for quality or price?
  • What do I highlight in my communication?
  • Which items I should add to my stock?
  • unit

    New vs Returning Customers

    shows the ratio of customers who placed 1st order to the ones who placed 2nd+ order

  • Do I have a healthy retention rate?
  • Do I focus on attracting new customers or selling to the existing ones?
  • unit

    Customers by Country

    displays sales data by country, split by users, orders, items, and financial details

  • How effective is my international strategy?
  • How is my customer base distributed?
  • unit

    Users Wishlist

    complete picture of products added to wishlist

  • What do I feature during holiday season?
  • What would sell great on discount?
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    Such a Good extension

    Review by Yakesh Arora | Mar 27, 2015

    This extension is very useful and do whatever is mentioned in the description.

    Product selection management

    Review by Marek | Jan 27, 2015

    Very nice module with good support, well understandable and easy to use!
    I would recommend to add a report similar to the bestsellers' report, which would list sales of all of products for determined period, together with their, sales quantities, sale total in sales price and sale in total in cost, and also current stock balance.
    I have over 4000 articles in my store, and I have no tool to understand, where I make profit, where I make less, where I have a problem with liquidity, etc. At the end which products to extend, which to exclude or reduce, where adjust prices?
    Hope to see such a unit soon, I will be a buyer!

    great powerful extension

    Review by Martin | Sep 2, 2014

    Very powerful extension, it's very useful to boost the quality of the reports.

    Not bad

    Review by Peter Rogerson | Jul 26, 2014

    Not a bad module, but a bit expensive for what it does. As far as I can tell, none of it looks like it has been coded or designed in India, which is always something to watch out for with Magento, as it's too complex for anyone in this 3rd world nation to do with any sort of quality.

    Very nice and handy module

    Review by Michelle | May 27, 2014

    I bought this module, as I have found the magento built-in report system lacking for functions. This report module works like a charm and just out of the box. Easy to install and handle ;)

    Maybe lacking some features, but good overall

    Review by Danny | Apr 22, 2014

    This extension helped us a great deal to analyze our sales, and provided the stats crucial for establishing our strategy.
    Regarding the app's features, some of the included report types are hardly useful, and we would like to have a couple of options that are not present.
    However, this is a great addition and improvement over the standard Magento reports, so I would definitely recommend this ext for any serious store.

    very useful

    Review by santosh | Apr 21, 2014

    when compared to others this is very useful

    Great Extension

    Review by George | Apr 10, 2014

    Simple a must have in addition to your regular magento extension. Highly recommended to add with sales b coupon code as well. One of my favorite extensions out there. You will not be disaponted in price and quality. Thanks aheadWorks.

    Amazing Product

    Review by Josh | Apr 10, 2014

    This extensions has really helped us to analyze our customers purchases and determine what the best marketing strategy is moving forward.

    Superb Addition to Magento

    Review by Andy | Apr 8, 2014

    Great module, easy to install and set up. Everything you need at your fingertips. Runs quick and you can right click on the graphs and copy the images to put into reports, as well as downloading CSV files.

    Very useful for me

    Review by Eric | Mar 24, 2014

    This is nice and very helpful extension for me. I easily installed it and working fast. I wanna rate is nice.

    Web Developer

    Review by Vagelis | Mar 17, 2014

    Great extension. We always use that for our sites.
    Easy to install,easy to use and more important easy for the customers to use it.

    very useful for medium to big shops

    Review by Jamakos | Feb 19, 2014

    one thing missing from magento is reporting per product. this is thankfully covered in this module. runs quite fast and has many more reports. nice one.

    Useful plugin. Great work!!!

    Review by Marcio Agmon | Feb 10, 2014

    It’s really important for us to analyze our current job using up-to-date reports and see the effectiveness of our business. It’s great that 10 reports are available by default. Now we are thinking about ordering of 2 additional units that will provide us with a couple of extra reports we need.

    Thank you, guys for the development of such useful plugins.

    Great extension

    Review by Ray | Jan 29, 2014

    Great extension. Gives more insights than native Magento. We use equally all the included reports. Installation and configuration was simple, without any issues. Thank you.

    Indispensable Extension

    Review by Parma Sassone GbR | Jan 22, 2014

    Essential to get the information you need out of Magento CE. Plain and clearly structured reports.

    Awesome Reports

    Review by Stephen | Jan 2, 2014

    Magento default reports are pathetic and lacking details.

    Advanced Sales Report by AheadWorks filled this gap!

    It would be even more awesome if 'Shipping' column could be added to 'Sales Report'.
    Currently, 'Shipping' column is only found in 'Sales'.

    Good Product

    Review by Ashrey | Dec 23, 2013

    This is one product everyone needs to install on Magento

    We must have it

    Review by WEI | Dec 5, 2013

    Don't wait , just buy it . We must have it!!!

    A simple tool that really works

    Review by Lister | Nov 14, 2013

    I can now receive reports in a number of different ways such as daily, weekly and monthly, and this has really helped me to keep track of my day to day business as well as the times of the week and month that I do the most business. Thanks to these easy to understand reports I can direct my business in certain areas to really help it to develop further.

    The best plugin

    Review by Harry | Nov 14, 2013

    Advanced Reports is the best plugin that provides merchants with different types of stats! It's extremely well thought out, the list of features is extensive! Numerous report types and additional units are great!.
    The team behind the product is very responsive.

    Works Great

    Review by Dan | Sep 20, 2013

    We have not used it much yet, but so far it has worked well. We did have an issue after installation and it was resolved by Aheadworks.

    Great Tool

    Review by John | Sep 19, 2013

    So far we have found it very useful

    IT Manager

    Review by MT La | Aug 14, 2013

    Fantastic extension. We love it.

    A must have

    Review by Johan | Jul 13, 2013

    The standard reports in Magento leave much to be desired. This module is a must have to dig down in the statistics! I only wish the other report units were included in the same package...

    Great support

    Review by Remy | May 8, 2013

    Installed the extension to get a insight into my sales per country. I needed a little help while installing. The tech department fixed in within a day, great support!

    Excellent Extension! Easy Installation

    Review by Pete | Apr 24, 2013

    Thankfully, the extension does deliver on its advertised features! I especially like the fact that it was quite easy to install by myself with no issues whatsoever. Great work guys!

    Perfect Extension

    Review by Tom Lanbacher | Apr 17, 2013

    I thank the AheadWorks Support Team so much for the perfect support and extension. It works perfect for us. After Installation we had a small problem with the report data. This all was solved in 2 hours. Thank you

    Good Extension

    Review by Koray Küpe | Mar 20, 2013

    It has advanced settings for sales reports. Pratical module... Also gives great reports with additional reports but it's a little expensive with all additional units.

    CEO Karysmatik

    Review by Mitch | Feb 21, 2013

    Great extension for quick analysis and helpful insight
    Takes the pain out of data crunching and offers salient data that helps understand when and what your clients are looking for
    Installion was quick and easy as well

    Founder, Dobber Sports and

    Review by Dobber | Feb 7, 2013

    Product is what I was looking for - breaking down sales by item, by dollars, including discounts and coupon use. Had a couple of minor issues after the install and Ahead Works fixed these issues within a few days. Everything works smoothly now

    Great Install + Very Useful!

    Review by Matt | Jun 22, 2012

    We recently purchased this extension in order to broaden our range of information and this was clearly our best option to do so. Installation was very quick and the reports have given us so much valuable information in the very short time of us using this extension, we are all very impressed!

    Just bought it because of sales by manufacturer..

    Review by Kevin | Feb 17, 2012

    .. but really blown away from the great features of the "core" module.
    missing a reports by size modul

    love it!

    Review by Maurice | Feb 5, 2012

    i dont even use the dashboard anymore, that i normally accessed more than daily. i love the features such as hourly report and day report, country report... now going to probably shop for some more Aheadworks extensions, going to check right now.

    Very powerful

    Review by Christian | Feb 1, 2012

    Love this extension. Easy install.


    Review by Steve | Jan 7, 2012

    When I first got this extension and got it installed and started comparing advances sales reports to the regular magento sales reports, I was very confused. I even wrote to AW about it. The numbers were so different. I'm convinced now that the numbers generated by this extension are accurate and the numbers coming from the regular sales report are not. My accountant was getting tired of underreported sales! And that is not even mentioning how different statuses can be selected or unselected to show up in these reports, or all of the additional useful reports contained in the package.

    Need to do taxes, here you go

    Review by Flaxton | Nov 23, 2011

    If you are looking for a way to get end of month sales and taxes in one fell swoop? This does the job, no more using Magento's default order export.

    The best reporting module for Magento on the market!

    Review by Joshua Jarman | Sep 29, 2011

    The best reporting module for Magento on the market!
    A must have for any Magento store serious about e-commerce!
    Find out what you've been missing...

    And...don't forget to extend the functionality with addon reports.
    Wow! Another winner from AheadWorks!

    very easy and usefull

    Review by Patrick | Aug 21, 2011

    this is an great extension to use. You can get useful information!
    Installation was easy

    easier for us to view report

    Review by kevin | Aug 18, 2011

    easier for us to view report with the chart. It's a good extension

    Must have!

    Review by Zeller | Aug 11, 2011

    What a great module! It slices and dices my statistics and gives me great insights into my website.

    Great addons to Magento

    Review by Sylvain | Jun 23, 2011

    We needed more functionality from the reports section of Magento and the advanced reports added some much needed tools to Magento.

    Must have!

    Review by Marc | Jun 21, 2011

    This extension is a must-have for any storeowner!

    Visually friendly

    Review by Jason | Jun 1, 2011

    This module makes it very easy for me to understand what's happening on my site. I definitely recommend this to anyone who needs to forecast product cycles.

    Must have

    Review by afarr | Mar 11, 2011

    This is a great extension. The reports are very insightful and should have been part of Magento's core reports. The price is reasonable considering all the information you get at one glance. No one running a webstore should be without this extension.

    The only issue is that this does not work well with the OneStepCheckout extension. Some reports may not work properly if OSC is installed on your site.

    very useful

    Review by Kuba Zwolinski | Jan 4, 2011

    Very useful extension, great tool to visualize all sales data. Worth the price.


    Review by Daniel | Oct 18, 2010

    I like this module and use it alot. However the bestseller should be able to
    select by category. This is important with you have more than 2000+ products.


    Review by Penny | Jun 16, 2010

    It works exactly like it says it will and the installation is just as easy as they say. Their installation instructions are clear and concise. I got it up and running in no time at all! Thank you for yet *another* phenomenal product!

    Great Module - Some upgrades I'd like to see...

    Review by Ben Wolfenden | Jun 5, 2010

    Hi there

    What a great module! It slices and dices my statistics and gives me great insights into my website. However I have 8000 sku'd products and woudl like to segment the data by category and also by profit margin. Thsi would make this module incredible.

    Ben Wolfenden

    The best analytics extension you can buy.

    Review by Jeff | May 1, 2010

    Advanced Reports is another one of aheadworks' Must have extensions. If you run a Magento store and do not have an advanced analytics extension like this one you are wasting time and losing money. It would take a ridiculous amount of time to manually figure out even one of the almost 20 reports available at a glance with this extension. The reports will help you market your products more effectively, the insights they give you are incredibly valuable in helping you optimize your avg. order volumes, conversion rates, customer retention, new customer sign ups, product reviews, and more. All in all it is a great extension for a good price and I recommend it to anyone who uses Magento for their business. I can not wait to see what aheadworks adds to this extension in the future but I'm sure they will think of something ingenuous.

    Useful extension

    Review by Vicky | Feb 12, 2010

    Magento is lacking the reports department so this extension provides some very useful additional information. Installation was straight forward and I had no problems other than needing to clear the cache.

    Easy install and great functions

    Review by Dennis | Feb 3, 2010

    The functions provided by this extension are a great help when you want to get more insight into your webshop. Besides that they are lot more informative than the reports provided by magento.

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    Sales by Manufacturer magento extension

    Sales by Manufacturer

    Displays sales data grouped by manufacturer.

    New vs. Returning Customers magento extension

    New vs. Returning Customers

    See the ratio of customers who placed 1st order to the ones who placed 2nd+ order in a clear and intuitive way.

    Sales by Payment Type magento extension

    Sales by Payment Type

    Displays sales data grouped by payment methods.

    Sales by Coupon Code magento extension

    Sales by Coupon Code

    Shows orders made with coupons usage.

    Sales Statistics magento extension

    Sales Statistics

    Features average order amount and item final price data displayed on the chart.

    Sales by ZIP Code magento extension

    Sales by ZIP Code

    The Sales by ZIP Code report displays sales data grouped by ZIP code.

    Customers by Country magento extension

    Customers by Country

    Displays sales data grouped by country.

    Users Wishlists magento extension

    Users Wishlists

    Complete picture of products added to wishlist.

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