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Advanced Menu 2.3.1

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7 most popular menu layouts in two clicks from admin panel.


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Magento Menu Advanced Extension

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The Advanced Menu Magento module allows you to quickly change the look of your store’s navigation by adding custom menu. Without this simple extension, you would need to thoroughly understand PHP and HTML (not to mention have tons of time to spend changing the default option) in order to alter your navigation bar.

With Magento Advanced Menu, you can implement any one of several navigation options that have been expressly designed to fit stores of differing sizes and themes:

  • Vertical Static
    This is vertical layout which uses standard HTML "select" element. Suitable for large stores with a lot of categories - your visitors can see all categories at a glance and make shopping route decision immediately.
  • Vertical Dropdown
    Vertical layout for the sidebar! DIV-based dropdown menu which fits your store theme colors, without hidden nesting.
  • Vertical Folding
    This option includes a folding menu with hidden-by-default subcategories.
  • Horizontal Dropdown
    It uses standard HTML "select" element. Dropdown menu is suitable for large stores with a lot of categories - your visitors can see all categories at a glance and make shopping route decision immediately.
  • Horizontal Plain
    This horizontal layout incorporates DIV-based dropdowns without hidden nesting. Additionally, it can be matched with your store’s theme colors.
  • Horizontal Plain (advanced)
    This is Advanced Magento Menu module’s most sophisticated option. It’s best for stores with very large numbers of categories.
  • Horizontal Static
    With this option, there are no pop-ups or hidden nesting. It’s perfect for online stores containing 3-5 navigation links.

Other Advanced Menu Magento store navigation advantages are the extension’s:

  • Predefined menu positions - left column, content, right column
  • Menu Behavior options
  • Possibility to display custom menu at any place of the page via CMS
  • Header and Side Menu separate configuration

Note: If you do not see a menu type you need in the Advanced Menu Magento extension demos, just let us know. We’ll most likely be able to include it in a few days

Customer Reviews

Nice menu manager

Review by David | Dec 6, 2013

Advanced Menu
This tool worked great for our multistore. Each of our stores has unique looks, and we needed some way to arrange navigation differently on them as well. This app was a really quick and neat solution for us.
The set of menu options it offers out of the box is pretty decent, but more importantly, it was exremely easy to customize - so we got it to appear exactly the way we wanted.

A must have

Review by Ann | Nov 6, 2013

Advanced Menu
Have you ever seen a store without such functionality? A must have!
Some minor adjustments have been made to correspond to our store theme and it was up and running.

Simple menu improvement

Review by Tam | Mar 16, 2013

Advanced Menu
This is a great basic menu improvement for magento. As with all aheadworks products, it is simple to install and customise and works brilliantly out-of-the-box.

However, I would love to see some significant improvements to this, like being able to add images to the menu tabs.

Un menu complet

Review by Thierry | Feb 7, 2013

Advanced Menu
Un menu personnalisable à souhait ....
Plus riche et plus complet que le menu d'origine.


Review by IGGY | Mar 1, 2012

Advanced Menu
Simple Menu system that works, would be a little better is there was an option to have different CSS Styles, maybe additional CSS in the style sheet that you could un-comment.

Simple à mettre en oeuvre

Review by Thierry | Feb 6, 2012

Advanced Menu
Ce module est simple à mettre en oeuvre, mais il manque de possibilité de personnalisation. Peut être dans une prochaine version il sera top, mais pour l'instant nous l'avons retiré. Nous surveillons les nouvelles mises à jours.

Works Well

Review by Helgeboy | Jan 26, 2012

Advanced Menu
Very simple to install and has a ton of options for the menu's placement variations. I have come across several templates where the menu system is lacking and this module has saved the day!

this extension is really good

Review by Dave | Jul 7, 2011

Advanced Menu
the benefit of this extension is that it allows customers to easily see the product lines that you offer, and all various types. Very good for customer interaction and getting customers to find what they want quickly. Thankyou

Great product!

Review by Granit | Mar 17, 2010

Advanced Menu
A really great product! We where searching for this in a while, but couldnt find it.

aheadWorks thank you for this extensions. One little note: When you install this product you need to adjust the layout because it's blue.

Dumbs up!

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