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Advanced Reports

Advanced Reports magento extension

Perfect reporting solution with 10 customizable report types. It improves functionality of native Magento reports. Can be expanded with additional units.

Market Segmentation Suite

Market Segmentation Suite magento extension

Segment your target audience based on the required criteria and export segmented lists for further analysis.

Ultimate SEO Suite

Ultimate SEO Suite magento extension

Adds canonical links to the head of each product page, sitemap and Google sitemap.

Custom SMTP

Custom SMTP magento extension

Send emails from custom SMTP server or localhost.

Order Tags

Order Tags magento extension

Allows you to organize, prioritize, and filter orders by their attributes.

Customer Purchases

Customer Purchases magento extension

Displays customer's purchases from all orders in a single list in admin area.

Customer Attributes

Customer Attributes magento extension

Collect more data about your customers by adding extra fields to the registration form and customer account area.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management magento extension

Update products quantity massively on your website using a CSV file.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup magento extension

Protect store data by copying and storing it on a separate remote server.

Magento Surveys

Magento Surveys magento extension

Create all kind of surveys in Magento stores and analyze the collected feedback.

SugarCRM Bridge

SugarCRM Bridge magento extension

Connect Magento site with SugarCRM and synchronize site users and purchases with customers, cases and opportunities in CRM system.

Visual Catalog Manager

Visual Catalog Manager magento extension

Make category management quick and easy with a simple drag-and-drop user interface.

Mass Product Actions

Mass Product Actions magento extension

Remove or assign products to categories, specify related products, and apply other monotonous actions in bulks.

Age Verification

Age Verification magento extension

Restricts underage visitors from accessing certain products by adding a verification page.

Custom Form Builder

Custom Form Builder magento extension

Allows creating and managing multiple web forms in your Magento store.