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All our Magento extensions have been developed in accordance with Magento standards and can be installed even on highly customized stores! The extensions are compatible with the latest Magento versions.

Browse through the assortment of our Magento extensions, read in-depth descriptions of their features and functionality and the reviews that our customers have written.

When you are convinced that one of our Magento plugins and modules is right for you, just purchase it and download from your customer account. If still unsure, you can contact us and we will be happy to help you find the best Magento extension.
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Follow Up Email

Follow Up Email magento extension

Follow up your customers with fully automated emails. Insert coupons, purchased products, pictures, tracking codes, restore cart links.

AJAX Cart Pro

AJAX Cart Pro  magento extension

Makes Magento cart UI absolutely customer friendly by means of AJAX. Fully customizable from admin panel.

Advanced Reports

Advanced Reports magento extension

Perfect reporting solution with 10 customizable report types. It improves functionality of native Magento reports. Can be expanded with additional units.

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments magento extension

Create subscription products using flexible settings and sell them on a recurring basis.

Help Desk Ultimate

Help Desk Ultimate magento extension

Magento ticket management module with a case tracking, statistics, and resolution systems. Let clients submit a ticket assigned to specific department and receive help immediately.

iPhone Theme

iPhone Theme magento extension

Revolutionary hybrid of a superior theme and a full-value Magento extension. Enriched with AJAX cart and integrated advanced navigation. Easy to customize!


RMA magento extension

Control the return or exchange of items sold to customers. Requests history and tracking of the item until the transaction is concluded.


Z-Blocks magento extension

Manage static blocks from admin panel. Choose from 10 predefined positions to place content on any page. WYSIWYG editor, rotation, and scheduling options are available.

Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend magento extension

Encourage customers to invite their friends to your store and reward them for contribution.

On Sale + Product Labels

On Sale + Product Labels magento extension

Add visually-appealing labels to product images and display in both product and catalog views. Extension supports long list of variables.

Automatic Related Products 2

Automatic Related Products 2 magento extension

Define the rules for related products and offer people alternatives to the current product automatically.

Advanced Newsletter

Advanced Newsletter magento extension

Provides your Magento store with email marketing functionality. Supports mailing lists, Mailchimp and third party SMTP server.

Product Questions

Product Questions magento extension

Allows customers to ask questions on product pages and receive answers right there. Both administrator and website visitors can leave replies.

Who Bought This Also Bought

Who Bought This Also Bought magento extension

Display related products automatically. Works after installation with old orders statistics.

Points & Rewards

Points & Rewards magento extension

One of the most powerful solutions for enhancing customers’ loyalty, improving user experience, and increasing sales rates.

Advanced Reviews

Advanced Reviews magento extension

Advanced review system for Magento. Highly customizable, plenty of features. Encourages customers to generate content.

Facebook Link

Facebook Link magento extension

Create and sustain your brand presence on Facebook

Checkout Promo

Checkout Promo magento extension

Displays promotional banners on Shopping Cart and Checkout pages. Banners are triggered by flexible rules.

Booking and Reservations

Booking and Reservations magento extension

Offer and manage all kind of bookable products. Flexible booking options, user-friendly interface.

Market Segmentation Suite

Market Segmentation Suite magento extension

Segment your target audience based on the required criteria and export segmented lists for further analysis.


Pop-up+ magento extension

Promote your products, news, ads, and special events through attractive popup window.

Featured Products 3

Featured Products 3 magento extension

Display featured products on any page in a slider or grid automatically. Must have extension!

Image Slider

Image Slider magento extension

Improves your banner advertising experience with a highly-professional and easy-customizable images rotator.

Advanced Menu

Advanced Menu magento extension

7 most popular menu layouts in two clicks from admin panel.

One Step Checkout

One Step Checkout magento extension

Reduces the number of checkout steps from 6 to 1 and allows customers to buy products in one simple click.

Automatic Related Products

Automatic Related Products magento extension

Define the rules for cross-sells or upsells selection and populate related products section automatically.

Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together magento extension

Use the frequently bought together interface and let visitors add related products to cart in one click.

Catalog Permissions

Catalog Permissions magento extension

Show different items, product prices, and categories to specific customers in your Magento store by assigning advanced permissions to them.

Magento Affiliate

Magento Affiliate magento extension

Organize pay-per-sale affiliate marketing program in your online Magento store.

Ultimate SEO Suite

Ultimate SEO Suite magento extension

Adds canonical links to the head of each product page, sitemap and Google sitemap.

Featured Products

Featured Products magento extension

Showcase top products of your store in an eye-catching and attractive sliding gallery automatically.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base magento extension

Knowledge base solution for magento. Visitors can search and rate articles.


Previous/Next magento extension

Allows visitors to navigate between products in category with a single click of the 'Next' or 'Previous' link.


Sociable magento extension

Lets visitors share links to any page from your store on the Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and many other Social Media Networks.

Custom SMTP

Custom SMTP magento extension

Send emails from custom SMTP server or localhost.


Countdown magento extension

Inserts eye-catching countdown timer to indicate the beginning or ending time of your promotions, sales, discounts, registrations, or whatever else.

Product Updates Notifications

Product Updates Notifications magento extension

Let your customers subscribe for email notifications about product price update and store availability.

Delivery Date and Notice

Delivery Date and Notice magento extension

Allows customers to specify delivery time and create notices for delivery persons at checkout.

Add Free Product to Cart

Add Free Product to Cart  magento extension

Powerful 'Buy X get Y free' solution.

AJAX Catalog

AJAX Catalog magento extension

Offers AJAX infinite scroll with auto-loaded category products in list/grid. Or loads the next “portion” by clicking the “More products” button.

Price Match

Price Match  magento extension

Allows customers to report about lower prices on your products in other stores.

Layered Navigation

Layered Navigation magento extension

Optimizes the navigation and lets visitors search by categories, price ranges, color, and other product attributes.

Home Tabs Pro

Home Tabs Pro magento extension

Display most popular products on the Home page of your store in tabs automatically. Top Sellers, top rated, most reviewed, just added, and wishlist top.

Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials magento extension

Lets store administrators and customers upload videos from computer or YouTube exactly on the product page.

Blog - Professional and Enterprise Editions

Blog - Professional and Enterprise Editions magento extension

Full featured and most popular blog extension for Magento.

Who Viewed This Also Viewed

Who Viewed This Also Viewed magento extension

Display additional products viewed by other customers while visiting the same product page.


GoSlider magento extension

Get a highly-professional and easy-customizable images rotator to improve your banner advertising experience.

Shop By Brand

Shop By Brand magento extension

Create brands, display brands menu, customize brands pages, and connect products to them.

Gift Card/Certificate

Gift Card/Certificate magento extension

Let customers buy gift certificates and send them to friends via e-mail or post-office.

Custom Stock Status

Custom Stock Status magento extension

Replaces the native Magento stock status with attractive image, text, or both text & image.

Automatic Product Callouts

Automatic Product Callouts magento extension

Highlight your top products and place them in blocks anywhere in the store. Excellent for Category landing page.

Easy Categories

Easy Categories magento extension free

Places the category listing wherever you like - on home page, category page, or any CMS page.

Group Deals

Group Deals magento extension

Organize collective buying by offering products at significantly lower prices.

One Click Checkout

One Click Checkout magento extension

Allows placing an order directly from the product or shopping cart pages with a single mouse click.

Review Rotator

Review Rotator magento extension

Display random reviews to your visitors. Advanced configuration options.

Order Tags

Order Tags magento extension

Allows you to organize, prioritize, and filter orders by their attributes.

Grid Manager

Grid Manager magento extension free

Manage columns’ size, position, and title in a table and choose which ones to display in store administration section.

Minimum Advertised Price

Minimum Advertised Price magento extension

Makes it possible to sell products at a price lower than the manufacturer allows you to.

RSS Reader

RSS Reader magento extension free

Place RSS feeds on your store pages. Fully customizable with its own caching system.

Product Color Swatches

Product Color Swatches magento extension

Replace product options with swatches and show appropriate product image according to selected attributes.

Blog - Community Edition

Blog - Community Edition magento extension free

Full featured and most popular blog extension for Magento.

Mobile Order Tracking

Mobile Order Tracking magento extension

Tracks the shipment & payment statuses all the way through the delivery process using mobile devices or desktop computers without login.

Better Thank You Page

Better Thank You Page magento extension

Turn the order success page into a powerful marketing tool. Show order details, related items, social media buttons, newsletter subscription form, or any promotion via flexible rules with numerous conditions.

AJAX Login Pro

AJAX Login Pro magento extension

Allows your visitors to log in, register, or recover password quickly without annoying page reloading and redirection. Supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Amazon.

Customer Purchases

Customer Purchases magento extension

Displays customer's purchases from all orders in a single list in admin area.

Event Tickets

Event Tickets magento extension

Let customers book and print out tickets for free or paid events. Convenient tickets redeeming system. QR code support.

Gift Wrap

Gift Wrap magento extension

Allows clients to wrap products at checkout and leave gift messages before delivery.

Customer Attributes

Customer Attributes magento extension

Collect more data about your customers by adding extra fields to the registration form and customer account area.

Store Locator

Store Locator magento extension

Shows your clients where they can find the nearest store with your products. Displays your locations on the Google map.

Product Preview Pro

Product Preview Pro magento extension free

Gives your store visitors an ability to preview the scaled-up product image exactly on the category page.

Backorder / Pre-Order

Backorder / Pre-Order magento extension

Lets clients pre-order or backorder products that are not available for immediate delivery.

Event-Based Discounts

Event-Based Discounts magento extension

Automatic discounts for your registered customers triggered by rules and events configured by merchant.

Call for Price

Call for Price magento extension

Replaces 'Add to Cart' button with call for price customized message encouraging visitors to contact you.

Product Images Slider

Product Images Slider magento extension

Slides product images on product view page. Fully customizable with a set of attractive effects.

Order Attributes Pro

Order Attributes Pro magento extension

Adds extra fields to any checkout steps. You can insert fields of any types: text, dropdown, checkbox, etc.

Auction Pro

Auction Pro magento extension

Create a competitive buying environment by auction and achieve the highest price possible in the shortest time frame.

Photo Gallery Pro

Photo Gallery Pro  magento extension

Create multiple albums and sub-albums and showcase all your pictures.

Extra Downloads

Extra Downloads magento extension

Add attachments to product pages and let visitors download additional information about your products.

Activity Stream

Activity Stream magento extension

Display recent customers’ activities in an appealing block anywhere at your website.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup magento extension

Protect store data by copying and storing it on a separate remote server.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management magento extension

Update products quantity massively on your website using a CSV file.

Magento Surveys

Magento Surveys magento extension

Create all kind of surveys and polls in your Magento store and analyze the collected feedback.

Random Price

Random Price  magento extension

Changes the product price randomly within admin-specified range.

Social Media Bundle

Social Media Bundle magento extension

Provides deep integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest: login with existing social accounts, adding comments directly at the store, and much more.

Visual Catalog Manager

Visual Catalog Manager magento extension

Highlight specific products automatically within a visual category grid. Change position of out-of stock, discounted, or any other items of required category for better conversion rate.

Quick View

Quick View magento extension

Adds instant product details preview option to a category page: remove unnecessary page reloads and simplify the catalog browsing.

Google Integration

Google Integration magento extension

Includes all features of Google '+1' Button, Google Connector, and Google Share Button.

eCommerce Gamification Suite

eCommerce Gamification Suite magento extension

Use gamification principles to turn visitors from passive observers into assertive buyers and store promoters.

Mass Product Actions

Mass Product Actions magento extension

Remove or assign products to categories, specify related products, and apply other monotonous actions in bulks.

Mega Menu Manager

Mega Menu Manager magento extension


Places products, images, texts, and static blocks in the Mega menu content.

Twitter Integration

Twitter Integration magento extension

Adds the Twitter login, Tweet, and Follow buttons to any page.

SugarCRM Bridge

SugarCRM Bridge magento extension

Connect Magento site with SugarCRM and synchronize site users and purchases with customers, cases and opportunities in CRM system.

First Data Global Gateway e4

First Data Global Gateway e4 magento extension

Accepts payment through First Data Global Gateway e4 directly at your Magento store.

Custom Form Builder

Custom Form Builder magento extension

Allows creating and managing multiple web forms in your Magento store.

Shipping Price

Shipping Price magento extension free

Let your visitors calculate product shipping costs beforehand on the product page.

Instagram Connector

Instagram Connector magento extension

Enrich your site content with Instagram photos.

Age Verification

Age Verification magento extension

Prohibits underage visitors from ordering certain products by introducing a simple age verification procedure.

Flash Flipping Book

Flash Flipping Book magento extension

Improve your products representation by adding flipping magazine-like galleries. HTML5-powered solution with support of images, text, music and video playback.

Social Network

Social Network magento extension

Organize onsite social community for customers within your Magento store.

Global Gateway e4 Hosted Solution

Global Gateway e4 Hosted Solution magento extension

Collect, validate, and pass credit card details to Firstdata in a secure way.

Featured Products 3 Magento Go

Featured Products 3 Magento Go  magento extension

Showcase top products in an attractive slider or grid mode.

OnPulse - Mobile administration for Magento

OnPulse - Mobile administration for Magento magento extension free

Provides you with an access to sales statistics, latest orders, and clients list through any iOS or Android powered mobile devices.

Connector for aheadMetrics

Connector for aheadMetrics magento extension free

Gives you the all-round analytics of your e commerce store. All the sales, customer and product data measured in any dimensions in real-time.

Advanced Reports Magento Go

Advanced Reports Magento Go magento extension

Perfect reporting solution for Magento Go with 10 customizable report types.