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Customer Attributes 1.0.4

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Collect more data about your customers by adding extra fields to the registration form and customer account area.


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Magento Customer Attributes

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The better you know your clients, the more you gain from your marketing and merchandising strategies. Explore the auditory you are connected to, find out their preferences and interests.

With the Customer Attributes Magento extension, you are able to get any information about new customers and already existed ones at any time you like. The extension gives you a possibility to create additional customer attributes and display them on the registration form or in the customer account area to allow logged in visitors to manage their data. Your customers are asked to leave some additional info and you get knowledge about them immediately.

New attribute creating is very handy and intuitive for Magento administrators. The Customer Attributes Magento module makes it possible to create different types of attributes such as image, attachment, dropdown, etc. All attributes parameters are located at one place, so the process of collecting info about your clients starts in several simple steps.

Know your customers if you want to sell effectively. Bring different actions to different Magento customer groups.


  • Unlimited number of attributes
  • Displaying in the customer account area
  • Add attributes to the customer registration page or disable them for guests
  • Show attributes to specific Magento customer group
  • Ability to make attributes fields mandatory
  • Specify default attribute value
  • Enable unique value for attributes
  • Various attributes types
    • text field
    • text area
    • date
    • “Yes/No”
    • multiple select
    • dropdown
    • image
    • attachment
  • Attributes input validation
    • alphanumeric
    • numeric
    • alpha
    • URL
    • email
  • Specify the order for attributes displaying in the frontend
  • Ability to change customers’ data in the backend
  • Make Magento customer fields editable for a visitor in the account area
  • Show attributes in admin grid
  • Easy management of customer attributes
  • View and edit customer attributes in the backend
  • Ability to filter customers by attributes
  • Multistore support

Customer Reviews

I'm SO happy with this app

Review by Sarah | Feb 3, 2014

Customer Attributes
We provide extensive customer service, so our online consultants were begging for some sort of "customer profile" solution.
Now, with this plugin installed, we have exactly what we were struggling to arrange! A quick look into the account - and our rep does not have to bother a client with routine questions, they can get straight to the point. Both our customers and our staff are happy with this thing, brilliant all around!


Review by Philip | Nov 18, 2013

Customer Attributes
I am very satisfied with the AW support. I had some problems with another extension which blocked a feature and help was very fast and professional.

Excellent component.

Review by Tyler Stroghamm | Nov 13, 2013

Customer Attributes
Thanks a lot, guys. I really love this extension. It is easy to use and easy to configure. I strongly recommend it to all magentostore merchants who want to have all the necessary data about customers. The extension works right in the way it is described.


Review by Maria | Nov 10, 2013

Customer Attributes
After we installed the extension, a conflict with the 3-d party module appeared. The problem was resolved within several hours. Thanks! I do recommend aheadWorks to everyone.

Superb customer care

Review by Daniel | Oct 31, 2013

Customer Attributes
I bought this module a week ago for our Magento store. It was easy to install. But we had some problems with our theme and needed customization. AW team solved the issue quickly for a small fee. That is what sets leaders apart – excellent support. Well done!

One of the most powerfull addons on the market

Review by Greg | Aug 6, 2013

Customer Attributes
I knew that Aheadworks is a very reliable brand for Magento customization. After a short conversation in online chat I purchased Customer Attributes and see that the quality of the code is very high

Excellent, but...

Review by Jeremy | Apr 15, 2013

Customer Attributes
I am a fan of AheadWorks excellent extensions, this one again is easy to install and use. One issue: the additional customer attributes cannot be collected on the one page checkout, which is THE place where it should be!

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