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Browser Search 1.0.2

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Adds your store to the list of browser search engines.

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Magento Browser Search Extension

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Our research shows that visitors to a store coming via the search box in their browser bars tend to convert to customers much higher. In fact, we have recorded conversion rates as high as 230%! The reason for the improved conversion are not hard to fathom: these visitors have visited your store previously, are familiar with it and have found it useful. Therefore, these visitors are already higher up in the purchasing funnel. They are visiting your site not just to browse, but in all likelihood, with an intent to transact.

Why not make it absolutely simple for them to do so? Here’s a summary of the features and benefits of the Browser Search Magento module by aheadWorks:

  • Greater site recall and increased loyalty
    Since your site is always on the browser search engine list, your store name gets constantly reinforced on your customers/prospects. This increases the number of repeat visitors you get to your website and thus, increased sales.
  • Added features for your visitors
    The extension provides a quick search interface for your site visitors, with ‘search suggestion’ features (though this feature may not work well with sites that have slow site search capabilities).
  • Browser compatibility
    This extension works well with most common browsers including Firefox 2.0+, Internet Explorer 7.0+; so, you will reach a fairly wide user base.

Customer Reviews

Wish I new about this earlier

Review by Christos | Jul 9, 2014

Browser Search
If only i knew about this earlier it would have saved a loot of hassle and wasted time.

Simple and free!

Review by Lillian | Nov 17, 2013

Browser Search
Simple and free module that helps customers come to my store more often. It's nice and works as described.

The best among similar

Review by Volontar | Nov 12, 2013

Browser Search
This is by far the best module among similar for Magento. Certainly looks good in the frontend and is easy to manage in backend. Good job.

Tiny but useful

Review by Charlie | Nov 8, 2013

Browser Search
The module does just what it says, adding the direct store search into the customer's browser.
I wouldn't expect more from a free plug-in

Highly recommend

Review by Oscar Coats | Oct 30, 2013

Browser Search
This is the second extension we've used from this developer and it works great, just as we expected. It's easily to install and use. Great support, too. Highly recommended.

Browser Search

Review by Rocco | Dec 11, 2011

Browser Search
Like the concept but doesn't work on Safari , Apple products. The solution is for Aheadworks just to apply to Apple to have them make this acceptable on their browser.

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